24 February 2017

Does This Come in Harvest Orange?

'For you, for life': Not my idea of a good thing these days, insofar as a certain president is concerned.

23 February 2017

Surface Effective

How different this bath would be if a smooth-faced tile had been used instead of the bubbly, bumpy Frame! The texture puts the wall on an equal design footing with the swoopy faucet, and the metal accent strips help balance the materials palette. [From the Who Knew? department: Today is #NationalTileDay. Let's raise a mortar-filled trowel and toast our trusted installers.] fapceramiche.com

22 February 2017

A Higher Plane

The dishwasher is a popular target for reinvention. Over the years, it's appeared as a drawer, integrated into the sink, and as an object of pity: a portable, roll-away appliance deemed unfit for discerning eyes. This incarnation—strictly a concept at this point—is designed by students Mohsen Jafari Malek and Behzad Taheri. Meant to ease the ergonomic difficulty of bending down to load the machine, its racks rise up, allowing above-counter access.

21 February 2017

Deep Thoughts—or Not

Arik Levy's design for the Bowl sink has got me thinking. With its shallow, flat basin, it looks more like it should be floating on water than containing it. It's always good when design shakes up one's perspective on form and function. inbani.com

20 February 2017

Design Without Borders

So: Many, many people are saying that something very terrible, really disgraceful—and sad!—happened #lastnightinSweden. Happily, this extemporaneous kitchen design was not the alleged transgression, as Ikea fully and extremely vetted the hacking project. At the heart of the system is a versatile metal bracket that enables a flexible framing system to accommodate an ad hoc mix of storage units and appliances. ikea-hacka.com

17 February 2017

Heartfelt Design, The End

Today, we might not give a thought to giving flowers to our appliances [even for Valentine's Day], but obviously a more genteel spirit was at work in 1957. The humble, hardworking refrigerator—which the manufacturer boasted featured a 'lavish' use of aluminum—was deemed worthy of a long-stemmed rose.

16 February 2017

Heartfelt Design, Day 4

This handcrafted tile goes straight to the heart of the matter. Part of the 'Much Love Me' collection by Ruan Hoffman, it has a charming, quasi-historical appearance—but its message is timeless. cletile.com