31 October 2014

Bewitching Design, The End

Does this gentleman look familiar? Perhaps if he was swathed in head-to-toe gauze, or had bolts coming out of his neck, it would be easier to put a name to the face: It's William Henry Pratt, better known by his stage name—Boris Karloff. To see Dr. Frankenstein's Monster puttering about in the kitchen of his Los Angeles home during the 1930s is somewhat of a reverse shock; we expect less domesticity and more horror from the fellow who [dis]embodied the Mummy.

Have a frightful Halloween, dear readers.

30 October 2014

Bewitching Design, Part Four

Particularly in a windowless, cramped powder room, I can imagine this subversive wallpaper would make an indelible impression. A C.F.S. Voysey pattern from 1889, the writhing population of beady-eyed, flame-tongued demons is a far cry [or should I say 'wail'?] from conventional floral or geometric decor. trustworth.com

29 October 2014

Bewitching Design, Part Three

Talk about things that go bump[y] in the night! Set with coal-colored pebbles whose smooth, irregular forms recall knuckle bones and vertebrae, this highly textured bathroom wall evokes the catacombs that snake below the realm of the living. pebbletileshop.com

28 October 2014

Bewitching Design, Part Two

By day, this pendant light is a frothy ball of filigree, in the Tord Boontje vein. But come nightfall, its dark side is revealed, as it projects a haunted forest on the walls and ceiling of the room. The creepy Forms in Nature fixture was designed by Thyra Hilden and Pio Diaz. piodiaz.wordpress.com

27 October 2014

Bewitching Design

For me, Halloween hinges not on the obvious—in-your-face costumes, scream-filled soundtracks, and the like—but on the shadowy. Uncertainty, rather than shock value, is what makes the night a fright. The bold colors of this kitchen are static until the lights come on, the eerie glow making the cabinets appear to levitate in thin air. n-lab.lu

24 October 2014

Power Shower

Pip-pip, old man.

These gents apparently had more pressing matters to which to attend than lolling around in a bath tub; certainly there were meetings to take and fortunes to make. In 1925, a shower had the cachet hot tubs enjoyed in the 1970s. Not just a convenience, the shower connoted a level of civility, success, and a modern outlook on life. Today, having a temperature-controlled waterfall in our home is no longer appreciated as the plumbing achievement it truly is.

23 October 2014

Quick Change Artistry

Not everyone has the character to weather the design and construction process. Dirty and drawn out, it's hardly aesthetic instant gratification. To the rescue comes the Cover system. When the mood to change the kitchen cabinets strikes, simply switch out the magnetized panels that cover the door fronts. No muss, no fuss.  arancucine.us