27 March 2015

It's a Clean Machine

Ah, family life in 1963. Matching mother-daughter outfits, odious cabinet 'designs', and un-built-in appliances. The aptly- but awkwardly-named named Mobile Maid dishwasher [where exactly would you store this monster when it was not smack in the middle of the kitchen?] necessitated hooking up to the faucet whenever it was in use; a diverter allowed one to use the sink during operation. Personally, I'd rather do the dishes by hand than cope with such an inconvenient 'solution'!

26 March 2015

A Fluid Design

The Taper faucet, designed by architect Bjarke Ingels, was fĂȘted last night in NYC. [Yes, bathroom fittings—select bathroom fittings—are celebrated with parties that rival a debutantes' cotillion.] I'd say it was worthy of the occasion. There are subtleties in the design that clearly mark it as an architect's work; for example, the tip of the spout does not bend downward, yet the water flows perpendicularly from the fitting. kallista.com

25 March 2015

Enlightened Thinking

There seems to be two design ethos at work in this pendant lamp. The globe bulb and Persian carpet conjure a hip 1970s family room, while combining these elements into a light fixture is a mash-up that is wholly a product of 21st century thinking. The textile lining the dome of the Carpetry lamp is 100% wool. leebroom.com

24 March 2015

Cooking Up a Storm

Preparing a meal on this all-powerful appliance could give the home chef a Master of the Universe complex. Units for deep frying and grilling expand the culinary capabilities—not to mention the menu—without expanding the footprint of the range, unlike specialized cooking modules that are installed across the countertop. steel-cucine.com

23 March 2015

You're Getting Warmer—Not

And what, you may ask, makes this kitchen my pick for today? It's not the matte black wall facing off with the stark, shiny white island, nor is it the rapidly-running-its-course herringbone floor of unfinished wood. No, the feature that I most covet on this sub-freezing spring morning is the fireplace, its ribbon of flames warming the far reaches of the space. int2architecture.ru

20 March 2015

The Wearing of the Green, The End

While avocado might not be the first shade of green to come to mind during this Celtic-centric week, at KBCULTURE, all hues are good hues. What's fascinating to me is that a couple of today's hot trends—patterned flooring and gold-toned fittings—were cutting-edge more than forty years ago. This blast from the past dates from 1967.

19 March 2015

The Wearing of the Green, Day 4

As we face yet another snowfall tomorrow [which happens to be the first day of spring], this photo assumes a kind of graphic poignancy. An island of green surrounded by a sea of white—you get the idea. The streamlined gas burner is glass, topped with a grate of chromed steel. The color-coordinated control knob is a nice touch. whirlpool.co.uk