21 August 2014

Still, Water

It looks like I'm off on an aqueous tangent these days. Continuing that unintentional theme, this Aura tile has the coloration of a tropical lagoon, layers of blues and greens fused within the glass. Tranquility. annsacks.com

20 August 2014

See Shore

With a little imagination on my part, this bath translates into the day on the coast that has proved elusive this summer. The stone floor and backsplash stand in for riprap; driftwood is recalled by the distressed cabinetry. The mirror evokes a glassy-calm sea. And the delicate aqueous blue of the walls makes me think of the skies in Joel Meyerowitz' photos of the shore. briggsedwardsolomon.com

19 August 2014

The Right Light

With more presence than a simple pendant fixture and less overbearing than a chandelier, the Beam light can be aimed where illumination is needed. Designed by Johan Carpner, the painted-aluminum piece comes in red, black, and white. zerolighting.com

18 August 2014

Double Feature

Many dream of a walk-in closet for the master suite—but what about in the kitchen? Quite impressively, this set-up—essentially a visible pantry—combines two design elements into one. First, it gives a rather mundane space a true focal point. It could be argued that the sliding glass doors are unnecessary, but they serve to unify the end of the room. And the expansive, centralized storage is a winner by all accounts. decus.com.au

15 August 2014

What's New, Indeed

As GE again ponders selling off its appliance business, one of its ads from 1962 reminds us of the pivotal role of innovation and keeping up with—or ahead of—the interests of consumers. As this youngster symbolically pogo-ed his way into the future, who could have guessed he would encounter such marvels as induction cooking, sous vide, and quick-chill refrigerators? What lies ahead in appliance design is the stuff that occupies both artists and engineers.

14 August 2014

Tiny Kitchen, Big Idea

There will come a time—if it hasn't already arrived—when folks will wonder at the primitive controls once used on cooking appliances. [Whether that will be because cooking itself will be obsolete, I dare not contemplate.] Until that day, though, we can still appreciate the resourcefulness employed in this small-kitchen solution. Another victory for cooktop modules! holzrausch.de

13 August 2014

Behind the Surface

In this kitchen detail, there's a kind of upstairs/downstairs play of surfaces. Elegant marble clads the always-visible backsplash, while proletarian tile covers the wall inside the cabinets. New construction lacks a genuine history; through its use of material artifice, this design invents a scenario. blakeslondon.com