19 December 2014

Don't Look Now...

And in this phantom kitchen, there's no refrigerator-, sink-, or cabinet-watching, either...but I digress. Burners and ovens that can be set to turn off automatically—what's not to like? I imagine that the prospect of a defective timer may have doomed this 1959 feature. Or perhaps it was a cooktop filled with perpetually roiling soups and stews; let's recall warning of the old adage, 'A watched pot never boils.'

18 December 2014

Edgy Design

Valencia-based Mut Design devised this collection of ceramic tiles after studying the way light plays off fish scales; they noted that color tends to seep and shimmer across the surface in an irregular, ripply kind of movement. Similarly, the colored edges of these tiles reflect onto the adjacent white area, creating luminous lines of yellow, blue, red, and green. A most unusual effect, I say. peronda.com

17 December 2014

Split Personality

While the wisdom of placing a soaking tub next to a window is a matter of personal preference, it's likely all will agree on the nifty way this bathroom is delineated through a judicious use of materials. The patterned marble that wraps the shower enclosure falls away on the walls around the tub, ensuring that alcove—exposed thought it may be—enjoys a calm, visually serene ambiance. oscarproperties.se

16 December 2014

A Matter of Style

The carved walnut frame on the Armonia console sink is a lovely departure from the ordinary. I see a bit of both mid-century design and Antoni Gaudí [quite the mix!] in its light, fluid lines. Creator Roberto Lazzeroni has posed a problem with the fixture, though: I think it would be very challenging to pair it with a complementary fitting. antoniolupi.it

15 December 2014

Excitingly Dull

Making its debut early next year at the LivingKitchen show, the Topaz kitchen system merges two powerhouse design trends: black cabinets and copper accents. What's notable here is the 180º shift from shiny surfaces. It's not just taking the finish down a notch to semi-gloss—it's absolutely, positively flat. The matte door fronts and laminate [!] counter are an ideal foil for the warm metal hardware on the drawers and the Küppersbusch appliances. rational.de

12 December 2014

Tastes, Tested

Personally, I think a cantaloupe-cream combination would be rather sublime, but let's not cast any shade on Admiral's 1955 innovation. And I don't mean that metaphorically, either; the 'technology' employed by the manufacturer to minimize flavor transfer is—wait for it—a light bulb. Not just any light bulb, of course. The 'Magic Ray' lamp allegedly emitted ozone, which supposedly kept fruit tasting like fruit instead of dairy products.

11 December 2014

All Walls

Not all bathrooms have sun-filled, Palladian windows framing a freestanding tub. [Thank goodness.] Some are awkward, dead-ended spaces. This is a novel way to loosen up a closed-off room; pull the sink away from the wall and float the mirror from the ceiling. agapedesign.it