22 May 2015

The Cold Facts

People are chomping at the proverbial bit for consistently good weather to arrive in these parts. This weekend, the unofficial beginning of summer, promises to disappoint, with grey, chilly days in the forecast yet again. But this 1984 refrigerator, with its capacity to automatically produce such cooling and certainly diverse favorites as ice cream, vichyssoise, and the temptingly-titled Paradise Punch, allows us to pretend that warm, sunny times are at least possible.


21 May 2015

Take a Seat

Designers Emma Nilsson, Johanna Westin, and Lisa Frode created this pine bench specifically for the kitchen. On the practical side, incorporating storage under the seat and behind the backrest is a great idea. Less expected but just as ingenious is the armrest: It's wide enough to securely support a coffee mug, and its outward slant is meant to be conducive to stretching out laterally for a quick cat nap.

20 May 2015

Modern Graffiti

I am interested in how the abstract overlays the natural in this porcelain tile. Inspired by the instinctive style of painting practiced by Jackson Pollock, the Action collection appears as a slab of marble that been splattered with light or dark pigment. Most fascinating! fondovalle.it

19 May 2015

Industrial, Aged

Like all recycled elements, the antique machinery that's been deployed as a base for this bathroom sink has me wondering about its origins. Perhaps the gears and girders were once part of a derrick or other kind of pumping device—which would be quite fitting [pardon the partial pun] considering the context of its current incarnation. antoniomartins.com

18 May 2015

A New/Old Angle

Let's have a big bravo for the folks behind this charismatic kitchen, dubbed the Saint Louis. Rather than purely emphasize the mid-century modern roots of the design, the choice was made to take the far more unusual path of Italian futurism. I mean—an island with a pedestal base and atomic-Danish legs? Of course, this look isn't for everyone, but as long as it makes one homeowner's day, I'm good with it. marchicucine.it

15 May 2015

Appliance Addiction

From what we see here, I'd venture that space for a dishwasher is not the problem with this 1972 kitchen. Rather, it seems that somebody in the household has an uncontrollable urge to purchase massive quantities of glassware and china. How else to explain the presence of no less than four of the appliances in the room?

14 May 2015

Flowery Prose

Spring is finally, happily upon us. These towering, flowering tiles bring the color of the garden indoors. No weeding or watering required! fapceramiche.com