11 February 2016

Progressive Palette

When—or if—we tire of our lovely all-grey kitchens, this design offers a low-commitment exit strategy. Not only does the parquet-inspired pattern comprise a chromatic jumping-off point for just about any color scheme imaginable, it does so in a fun and focused way. [And it would be simple to revert to the original scheme, should you choose.] camillearchitectures.com

10 February 2016

Discordant Design

Examined individually, several of the elements in this bath don't quite fit. The taps and vanity are an odd couple, and the light fixtures pair well only with one another. There's an art to eclecticism, and this design proves it needn't be an in-your-face collage of contrasts. francissultana.com 

09 February 2016

Natural Forms

Designed and handcrafted by Northern California architect Alex Miller, the Aurora lav set certainly evidences a strong organic influence. Its flowing forms are at once birdlike, wavelike, and even cloudlike. And if you check out the reflection of the faucet in the mirror, you might even recognize a resemblance to a sea creature, the graceful manta ray. alexmillerstudio.com

08 February 2016

The Kindest Cut

Should you find this photo of the Cut kitchen intriguing, I hope you'll take the time to watch the video that documents the design of the space and its furnishings. A motion picture is really the best way to appreciate the room, as so many of its elements—a counter/table, the bands of shelving over the island, and more—swivel, swing, and otherwise activate. The film features the kitchen's designer, architect Alessandro Isola, who provides a fascinating narrative during the tour of the room.

05 February 2016

Kick-Off Time

Might someone please explain how the 'first' occurrence of anything can be considered 'classic'? I thought not. But let's put grammar aside on this Super Bowl 50 weekend, and pay tribute to the short-lived Refrigerator Bowl, which was held in Evansville, Indiana from 1948 through 1956. The inaugural game pitted the hometown Purple Aces [the eventual victors] against the Missouri Valley Vikings. Contemplating the program for that contest, I'm intrigued by the rays of energy emitted by the fridge—are they defensive or offensive forces?

04 February 2016

Branching Out

Trees in winter. Winter trees in tile. There's something very appropriate about the cold medium of ceramic depicting scenes from the bleak season. I find the coloration and decoration of this large format tile to be profoundly expressive. stonehollowtile.com

03 February 2016

Hidden in Plain Sight

Touch-latches open and close the storage compartments of the b3 backsplash, which is a handsome combination of creative design and practical space planning. Organizing everything from spice jars to carving knives to cleaning supplies, the modular unit can be expanded as needed. The doors are fronted in glass, sleek and easy to clean. bulthaup.de