30 January 2015

Say It Ain't Snow, The End [Hopefully]

While freezing may be a silent process [unless you count my chattering teeth this frigid night], the same can't be said for melting. Who has not, at some time, been startled by the clatter of automatically-produced ice cubes tumbling into a bin? That would be a wholly unfamiliar sound to Mrs. O.H. Paton of 5528 Hawthorne Place N.W. in Washington D.C. It would not be until 1953—15 years after this advertisement appeared—that the ice-maker was introduced to home refrigerators. The manufacturer, in fact, was Servel.

29 January 2015

Say It Ain't Snow, Day 4

Monochromatic, dimly lit, devoid of texture or detail—sounds like a winter scene to me. The same description could be applied to this bathroom vignette, where even the mirror and chrome finishes have been obliterated by a dull white coating. I wonder about the objectives of this curious and cold design. escritorio.arq.br

28 January 2015

Say It Ain't Snow, Day 3

British artists Zoe Walker and Neil Bromwich created this inflatable iceberg/hot tub to explore the relationship between art and physical and psychological well-being. Speaking personally, I'd be happy to experience the 'Sci-Fi Hot Tub' floating in an incongruous tropical setting; no chilly fjords for me, thank you. walkerandbromwich.org.uk

27 January 2015

Say It Ain't Snow, Day 2

Sympathies to our northern neighbors—they are receiving the brunt of winter storm Juno. Once the blizzard clears, perhaps they'd like to soothe their shoveling-strained muscles with the help of the Pura Vida fittings collection. The faucets, tub fillers, and shower heads feature a split finish: half is shiny chrome, half is brilliant, snow-white. hansgrohe.com

26 January 2015

Say It Ain't Snow

I see you, Winter. Letting us slip almost into February without any significant snowfall, creating that spark of hope that we'd enjoy a benign season, only to conjure what might be a record-breaking blizzard [name: Juno] tonight. Gracious in defeat, I offer a week of posts* that muse upon the cool, cruel color white.

Well played, Winter, well played.

This kitchen is practically somber in its rigor and spareness; even the drawer pulls are painted out. My question: Why not take care to place the wall shelves so they line up with other elements in the room? kattyschiebeck.com

*Assuming the power doesn't quit on us.

23 January 2015

Plus ça Change...

While it's an easy argument to make that the Interwebs, in its relentless 'efficiency', has advanced the extinction of trade shows, the still-surviving need for human interaction, coupled with the desire to kick the tires of new stuff, assures the existence of such events—at least in the short term. This photo of a 1930s kitchen appliance expo confirms that comfy seating with a sales rep waiting in the wings is still the timeless formula for luring foot-sore customers into an exhibit booth.

22 January 2015

Half + Half

The Mizu [that's 'water' in Japanese] basin conceals the drain beneath a scooped, slotted top panel. By Emo Design, it's a subtle, functional detail that alters the experience of washing up. The sink also comes in a rectangular format. scarabeoceramica.com