04 August 2015

Go with the Flow

Thunderstorms came rolling through last night; eventually, the pealing echoes tapered off, replaced by the pure patter of rain on the roof. Which bring me to the new CL.1 faucet: It features an unusual flow pattern. Forty individual rivulets of water make washing up a more gentle, sensory experience than the typical stream. It can be deck- or wall-mounted, with a variety of handle designs. dornbracht.com

03 August 2015

Viva la RevoluciĆ³n

Home to an artist, this Havana kitchen occupies both present and past. Counters, shelving, and utilities are the result of a laborious renovation, but the peeling, polychrome wall is original. I think maintaining a bit of a house's history in a new incarnation is a formidable design challenge—one that, in this case, is very well met. damianaquiles.ca

31 July 2015

Outward Bound, The End

If I may add one more action to the above list: Hide out. Atrocious even by 1978 standards, that dress stuns with its street-sweeper length, barbecue-sauce color, and rick-racky trim. On a practical note, those ruffled cuffs could do double duty as grill-grate scrubbers. But let's not get too distracted by fashion. The Broilmaster offered an impressive array of features, if not very much cooking area. Certainly subsequent models would locate the prep shelf to the sides of the unit, and the pedestal base could stand a beefing up.

30 July 2015

Outward Bound, Day 4

Multiple choice:

           A] The subterranean sauna that is the New York City subway in
                the summer
           B] The planet Mercury
           C] A late-July canoe paddle through the sultry bayous of New
           D] This place [above]. 

Correct.  andersonanderson.com

29 July 2015

Outward Bound, Day 3

Sometimes, it is just too hot to go outside; to venture beyond the perimeter of the AC for too long a time is simply punishing. In such situations, it could be doubly refreshing to contemplate this stylized tsunami mural from the cool comfort of the tub.

28 July 2015

Outward Bound, Day 2

In the absence of moonlight, the Palo Alto pergola makes a pleasantly atmospheric substitute during alfresco dinners. Designed by Josep Lluis Xucla, its lattice roof panels only suggest a structure and the LEDs that limn the 'roof' are shielded, so the outdoor experience isn't compromised. vibia.com

27 July 2015

Outward Bound

In Millennial parlance, this is a thing. A rather perfect thing, actually. A kitchen unencumbered by cupboards that must be stocked or windows that must be washed. To cook, slide the countertop open; slide it closed when more important events—such as watching the sunset—occur. Every component and appliance in the unit is rated for outdoor use. boffi.com