17 October 2014

Split Decision

I am open to suggestions on how to describe the most unusual configuration of this 1965 refrigerator. A built-in countertop ['illuminated', no less] cuts right through the midsection of the appliance, separating the two-door cooling compartment from the drawer-style freezer. It's a design that GE seemed certain would appeal to those of a well-heeled lifestyle. Evening gown, long-stemmed roses, golf games—all hallmarks of a leisure class. It's odd: I'd think they would be dining out, not lounging around the fridge.

16 October 2014

Change of Face[plate]

In a sure sign of the season, fly-by-night costume shops are springing up around town, their windows filled with self-contained Sharknados, Ice Bucket Challengers, and other assorted alter egos. I'm happy to report that the Halloween spirit extends to appliances, too. These magnetic panels give your fridge a temporary new identity. Choose from stock images, or submit a custom design. They're available for all configurations, even French door models. kudumagnets.com

15 October 2014

Flowing a Curve

The slightly twisted look of this kitchen faucet, dubbed the Orbix, makes me smile. I admire how it's both a disciplined design—the curves and contours are well balanced and rhythmic—as well as a free-spirited take on the idea of a 'normal' plumbing fitting. Interestingly, the flow of water is controlled at the end of the spout; the flange-like piece near the base of the unit regulates the temperature. damixa.com

14 October 2014

Man Meets Nature

Replicating sedimentary stone, the porcelain slabs of the Gemstone collection depict flowing layers and a tracery of veins and fissures—but there's a third dimension to the design. Straight, closely-spaced grooves are chiseled across the face of the tiles It's a contemporary take on cladding that I quite like. ceramichepiemme.it

13 October 2014

Eye Opener

I want my coffee.

It's one of those foggy Mondays when I'm feeling a little slow off the mark; another 15 minutes of sleep would have been appreciated, but it wasn't in the cards.

Uncomplicated, serviceable, and sporting a zingy green, this neo-retro kitchen is an appropriate start to the morning. johnlewis.com

10 October 2014

Smoke Gets in Your Ice

As devotees of Flashback Friday are well aware, there have been a plethora of peculiar ways to hawk a refrigerator. Dachshunds, space aliens, and feminists have all been conscripted to do so—but a cigarette? In 1929, there was an allure to smoking, and Electrolux conflated that trend with science in a very odd and somewhat far-fetched treatise on the benefits of a gas-powered fridge. I urge you to click the image in order to read the text. It's pure poetry, I promise.

09 October 2014

A Seamless Sink

The conventional spiel about the bathroom being an ideal spot for 'personalization' is, as many of us know, mostly happy-talk. Real-life restrictions on such alleged freedom abound; budget and space prime among them. The Strappo sink, though, offers a genuine opportunity for customization. Designed by Domenico De Palo, the Corian basin peels out from the wall. Once the skirt is finished in plaster, it can be painted to match the room. Protruding a little more than a foot from the wall, the sink fits snug spaces. antoniolupi.it