24 March 2017

Living Not-Quite Large

I'm all for a frugal lifestyle, but this 1960ish ad makes a statement that's cause for concern. The claim that the fridge's capacity of 3.1 cubic feet would adequately store a week's worth of food 'for a small family' has me a bit skeptical. Hanging a larger appliance on the wall [!] wouldn't be practical, so perhaps Draconian portion control is the key to this mystery....

23 March 2017

Conflicted Climate

It's spring—isn't it? I'm so confused. The crocus were beginning to pop up before last week's blizzard buried them, and today's temps are below freezing. A retreat to this herbal sauna might help. Emitting a garden-fresh fragrance in a toasty enclosure, it bridges the unseemly seasonal gap we're experiencing. carmentasri.com

22 March 2017

Subtle + Strong

The integral backsplash of the JP sink is topped by a small shelf that conceals the water outlet as well as providing a modest storage area. The design, by Monica Freitas Geronimi, is available in basalt and solid surfacing material, in addition to the Carrara marble model shown here. mg12.it

21 March 2017

Art Appreciated

Look long enough at the Miro 2 hanging fixture—and it still remains an enigma, at least to me. In a time when answers to the most obtuse questions can be found in the blink of an eye, I'm happy to contemplate the deliberate composition of the light, its unequal glass globes pierced by a brass frame. atelierdetroupe.com

20 March 2017

Maybe Next Week

Well, this isn't exactly the kind of kitchen I was hoping to feature this first week of spring. Something a bit brighter and lighter, and with at least a hint of color, would ordinarily be in order. But as we're still under a foot of snow, this muted space is more appropriate. Natural wood cabinets contrast with the concrete and plaster surfaces like bare tree branches poking out from their icy coating.

17 March 2017

Wearing of the Green

Ah, 1964—an awkward year. Trying to escape the drabness of the 1950s, yet too far away from the peak of the psychedelic 60s to be very interesting in terms of color. This 'Kohler Green' is practically grey; it's hard to fathom that this mildew-influenced hue would be something a homeowner would welcome on a daily basis, let alone live with for 'a lifetime.'

16 March 2017

It's Not Just for Popcorn Anymore

As we are extremely invested in the world of kitchen appliances here at KBCULTURE, I'm sharing this video as a sort of public service. As you may have noticed, there has been a recent interest in the capabilities of the microwave oven. Watch and learn....