28 August 2014

Now and Zen

There's been some landscaping work going on at a neighbor's house this week; it's been a challenge to concentrate while the noisy, smelly, and dust-generating process of laying a large stone patio has been underway. This serene marble sink, called Kyoto and designed by Hikaru Mori, is the complete opposite of the chaotic scene next door. pibamarmi.it

27 August 2014

So Cool

On this happily-rare 90ºF day, let's take little break from reality and soak in the beauty of an art installation currently installed in a national park near Sancy, France. Part of the Arts-Nature annual show, 'Bridal Veil', by Louis Sicard, is a wooden aquaduct-like structure that meanders through the forest for more than 130 feet, releasing a shower-like curtain of water on visitors strolling along its length. If you're fortunate enough to be in the neighborhood, it's up until 28 September; I'll be cooling off vicariously—très triste! horizons-sancy.com

26 August 2014

Color Continuity

Let us now sing another chorus of the 'Why Didn't I Think of That?' blues. This inspired range hood installation succeeds on two counts: subtly unifying the cooking area with the cabinetry while giving ample opportunity to appreciate the slim, crisp lines of the Ghost vent. falmec.com

25 August 2014

Kitchen Incognito

Summer may be on the wane, but that's no cause to give up on the grill. As the Human Torch would say, 'Flame on!'

Screening out the less aesthetic elements of an outdoor kitchen seems like a good idea to me, and this slatted structure does a fine job of it. My one hesitation about this design is that the counter seating could stratify the experience; it sets up a rigid host/guest dynamic. I like alfresco cooking to be a more communal experience. communedesign.com

22 August 2014

The Life Aquatic

Thank you, Philco, for inviting us to plunge into the underwater world of your Automagic washer. [The Ice Bucket Challenge of 1958, perhaps?] The high-frequency washing action—calculated at 600 surging waves per minute—is depicted as a gentle function. But this 20-second video of the bladeless rubber agitator in motion certainly gives an impression that is not exactly congruent with the blissful, blue depths this svelte skin-diver is experiencing.

21 August 2014

Still, Water

It looks like I'm off on an aqueous tangent these days. Continuing that unintentional theme, this Aura tile has the coloration of a tropical lagoon, layers of blues and greens fused within the glass. Tranquility. annsacks.com

20 August 2014

See Shore

With a little imagination on my part, this bath translates into the day on the coast that has proved elusive this summer. The stone floor and backsplash stand in for riprap; driftwood is recalled by the distressed cabinetry. The mirror evokes a glassy-calm sea. And the delicate aqueous blue of the walls makes me think of the skies in Joel Meyerowitz' photos of the shore. briggsedwardsolomon.com