17 February 2017

Heartfelt Design, The End

Today, we might not give a thought to giving flowers to our appliances [even for Valentine's Day], but obviously a more genteel spirit was at work in 1957. The humble, hardworking refrigerator—which the manufacturer boasted featured a 'lavish' use of aluminum—was deemed worthy of a long-stemmed rose.

16 February 2017

Heartfelt Design, Day 4

This handcrafted tile goes straight to the heart of the matter. Part of the 'Much Love Me' collection by Ruan Hoffman, it has a charming, quasi-historical appearance—but its message is timeless. cletile.com

15 February 2017

Heartfelt Design, Day 3

'A faucet for Valentine's Day?' Dear reader, if this is the disbelieving thought that's running through your mind, I understand your scorn. But allow me to point out that the Ibiza tap can quite literally slip into something more suited to the mood [or your kitchen decor]. It comes with a 'wardrobe' of three silicone sleeves that can be changed whenever you want a different color at the sink. ruvati.com

14 February 2017

Heartfelt Design, Day 2

Twining, sensual lines and a torrid red make the Form stool quite the hot seat, indeed. Should your kitchen call for something a little cooler, it's offered in other colors, too. compar-srl.it

13 February 2017

Heartfelt Design

For Valentine's week, we'll take a look at some impassioned designs. This room uses color like Christian Louboutin—albeit reversing the accent hue. Just the right amount of black highlights the sizzling scarlet workbench, turning up the design heat in this high-gloss kitchen.

10 February 2017

If Only...

In this 1940 ad, there's a definite female majority in this 'administration,' but their sphere of influence seems to be limited to cooking. Of the eight planks in their platform [listed to the left of the serious-looking gent], this is my favorite: 'Adequate Defense against worry, heat, and dirt'.

09 February 2017

Kitchen, Contoured

I've just finished clearing a foot of snow off the car. During that oddly meditative [and chilly!] experience, I had more than ample opportunity to observe the effect of the wind on the white stuff; hence, this sculpted cabinet front. sorenrose.com