24 November 2015

Thanks + Giving, Day 2

While this microwave isn't quite yet available, by the time Thanksgiving 2016 rolls around it could well be an indispensable asset in the kitchen. In addition to the usual array of cooking modes, this 900-watt appliance can act as a warming drawer for up to 90 minutes. I'm excited by the drop-down door—a convenient and space-saving design detail. subzero-wolf.com

23 November 2015

Thanks + Giving

Later this week, kitchens—and their resident cooks—will be cranked up to maximum output to celebrate the holiday of and for stuffing. With a pro-calibre range and fridge, pot filler, and no-nonsense storage, this modern yet gracious room has what it takes to make it through the big day. darrylcarter.com

20 November 2015


Now, this 1895 contraption would come in handy this week, when we might want to decompress a bit. Just take a seat in the steam tent, pop your head out the top, and let the world's troubles melt away.

Wishful thinking....

19 November 2015


Subdued yet striking in color and form, this hand-carved stone tile is soothingly abstract. The Ziva Lotus pattern is suitable for use on walls. artistictile.com

18 November 2015

A Pause

Today, I'm setting aside the world of kitchens and baths. It's time for reflection. Tomorrow, we'll resume the gentle pursuit of beauty.

17 November 2015


I'm going to take things slow this week; it's time to contemplate the quiet and the still in life. The lighting in this Japanese bath—set in a century-old onsen, or hot springs spa—is calming. Architect Kengo Kuma summons all the senses in his design for this retreat. kkaa.co.jp

16 November 2015

Nous Sommes Unis

Attending a concert. Enjoying a meal. Such cultural pursuits are integral to France's identity, a fact that imbues the recent horrific events with an even greater dimension of pain.

This is the OpenLine kitchen, a Parisian design. perene.fr