21 November 2014

Everything—and More

Well, Tappan, this kitchen actually has even more than you reckon. In addition to the full complement of your appliances, it has an overload of 1970s decorating touches. The fake brick chimney. The gastrointestinal shade of yellow that coats the floor, walls, and counters. And let's not forget the wood-grain [as opposed to wood] cabinets. Come to think of it, those features are the likely reasons why the kitchen was missing 'you.'

20 November 2014

Pilar of Strength

This unseasonable, nation-wide cold snap instigates escapist thoughts on a long, hot soak. To that end, the Arris tub filler offers more than modern good looks; the fitting has been designed to anchor especially securely to the floor joists, thus eliminating the dreaded wobble that typically afflicts similar freestanding fillers. moen.com

19 November 2014

Sitting Pretty

And so it is again World Toilet Day. The point of this annual observance, of course, is to raise awareness of poor sanitary conditions around the globe. At the same time, there's no harm in raising awareness of the outstanding appearance of the Reve commode. Some squarish toilets look like sitting would be painful, but the softened design of this model takes the edge off that experience.  kohler.com

18 November 2014

Thinking Big

Cramped and high-windowed, this powder room would be a melancholy space indeed if it were not for the ambitiously scaled sink. That wall-to-wall block of marble challenges the space—and wins. I would have liked to have witnessed [from a safe distance] the delivery and installation of that weighty fixture.

17 November 2014

Old and [Mostly] New

I'm impressed with how the smallest of vintage features—the beamed ceiling and chandelier—imbue this otherwise contemporary kitchen with a comfortable grace. Another seemingly contradictory aspect of the design: Even though it has dark cabinets and floors, the room appears bright. Lovely. vincentvanduysen.com

14 November 2014

To New Heights

The tallest highrise in New York—1 World Trade Center—officially opened this week. It's been a long time in coming, to say the least. Of its 104 stories, 68 will house offices and 13 are devoted to mechanical systems. The basement alone is five floors. That's half the height of the apartment building depicted in this 1931 advertisement, whose 'cliff dwellers' would enjoy the then-modern convenience of sliding refrigerator shelves. As NYC is, shall we modestly say, a slightly competitive environment, let me counter that boast with another engineering factoid: The elevators in 1WTC are the fastest in the western hemisphere, traveling 23 miles per hour to reach the top floor in 60 seconds.


13 November 2014

Opposites, Attracting

Such a compelling mix of colors and textures, here. What makes it special, I think, is the dark grout, which pops the pillowy tile into the foreground. Of course, the asymmetric composition does stick in the mind's eye, too, but I keep coming back to the tile, almost arrogant in its curious, funky shape. casamood.com