24 April 2014

Aesthetic Alloy

The craze for copper continues, for the most part happily. Some versions of the metal do veer off toward the orangey segment of the spectrum, but generally the hardware has an authentic warmth. Here's a new, rather sophisticated spin on the color. Called Cyprum, it's a rose-gold hue that I think is an elegant alternative to the mainstream; it's available on select lines of the manufacturer's kitchen and bath plumbing. A reliable source tells me that the floor-mounted tub filler will be offered in a split finish: the upper portion of the fitting will be in Cyprum, while the base will be in black or white. Dapper, I say. dornbracht.com

23 April 2014

A Kosher Counter?

Appropriate to DAED [Day After Earth Day, and a loaded anagram if there ever was one], the Chatham kitchen island is cobbled together from salvaged timbers and tin ceiling panels. The butcherblock top has a particularly curious provenance: It's made of reclaimed pickle-barrel staves. sundancecatalog.com

22 April 2014

Shower Empowered

Carbon-dependency, de-forestation, climate change—on this Earth Day, there's certainly no shortage of global crises to address. On a more manageable scale, the Water Pebble can help keep your water usage in check. Placed near the drain, it takes a baseline measurement of the duration of your shower and the volume of water consumed. For all subsequent showers, the Pebble not only signals [via a yellow light] the half-way point of the cleansing routine, but also automatically shortens the length of the shower.

Every drop in the proverbial bucket helps. uncommongoods.com

21 April 2014

To Dye For

Easter has come and gone, its concentrated dose of color and pattern having served as a kind of graphic jump-start to spring. Adding to the visual stimulation for me was an afternoon spent walking the galleries of the Met. And so this kitchen, gentle on the eye as it is, makes an uncomplicated entry point for the week ahead. obumex.be

18 April 2014

Smell the Roses

On this Easter weekend, I'm keeping Flashback Friday simple: Few words, and a 1925 illustration that conveys a small gesture of goodness and renewal.

Have a sweet holiday, dear readers.

17 April 2014

Stone Clone

Unlike most quarried stones with their slabbish heaviness, alabaster has a sense of mystery about it. Its liquid-like veining, its translucent depth, its alternating smokiness and luminescence—all these qualities combine to make it one of my favorite materials. And here are all those traits transformed into a verisimilar porcelain tile, making what could be considered an impractical surface an accessible design element. rex-cerart.it

16 April 2014

Not Your Basic Basin

Konstantin Grcic has been developing sink prototypes—lots of them, take my word for it—for Laufen, utilizing its SaphirKeramik material. The lightweight clay can be formed into tight corner radii, ultra-thin walls, and subtle textures; all properties Grcic is methodically exploring with both precision and vigor. We'll have to wait and see which designs make the cut, but this sneak peek should keep your curiosity up. laufen.com