02 July 2015

Red, White + Blue, Day 4

Contrary to one bloviating billionaire's views [I'm looking at you—and your hair—Donald J. Trump], society does benefit from cross-cultural discourse. This hand-painted cabinet unites Asian detailing with the quintessentially English hue, Wedgwood Blue, to create a hybrid design that's the best of two worlds. smallbone.co.uk

01 July 2015

Red, White + Blue, Day 3

I'm definitely seeing the rockets' red glare in the Succo 4 ceramic tile. The tracery has an uneven, smoky quality to it, dissipating into the deep field. The lines are digitally produced, although the pattern is excerpted from Rococo geometry. It's a two-tile repeat, for those who want to test the limits of freedom of expression. crinson.com

30 June 2015

Red, White + Blue, Day 2

It's understandable if the Icon fitting would inspire an in-shower performance of 'Yankee Doodle', or some other patriotic ditty. While the handshower is offered in any number of colors, the red version [whose face bears a slight resembles a pyrotechnic display] is certain to make bathers spray it loud and proud. grohe.com

29 June 2015

Red, White + Blue

With the Fourth of July on the horizon, posts this week will take a turn for the red, white, or blue palette. It's not just the robin's egg hue of this kitchen that makes it so arresting. Its design independence is further declared by the field of grooved wood that covers portions of the walls. It's a way of using texture and color in the kitchen that I haven't seen before. thomaskroeger.net

26 June 2015


Today, the definition of 'family' became a lot more inclusive—something to be proud about, indeed! That progressive stance has a curious precedent, seen in this 1961 ad. While at first glance, the demographic profile of the depicted household wouldn't raise many eyebrows, check out the headline. The washing machine was apparently a legal dependent, having been adopted by the brood. #ApplianceEquality!

25 June 2015

Reality Check

Obviously, this isn't a fully realized kitchen; it is, in fact, an admittedly cute cooking facility for guests at a glamping [dreadful word!] resort. Still, on occasion it's good to revisit the fundamental concept of a kitchen. While fancy cabinets and do-it-all appliances are unquestionably fine, they are simply elaborations on the basics: heating, cooling, and storage. wyeglamping.co.uk

24 June 2015

Tectonic Tub

Yesterday's sudden [and much welcomed] downpour might have filled the Lariana tub to its chiseled rim. I think Patricia Urquiola's take on the traditional footed bath—substituting a solid plinth for individual feet—gives the fixture a quietly architectural character. agapedesign.it