05 February 2016

Kick-Off Time

Might someone please explain how the 'first' occurrence of anything can be considered 'classic'? I thought not. But let's put grammar aside on this Super Bowl 50 weekend, and pay tribute to the short-lived Refrigerator Bowl, which was held in Evansville, Indiana from 1948 through 1956. The inaugural game pitted the hometown Purple Aces [the eventual victors] against the Missouri Valley Vikings. Contemplating the program for that contest, I'm intrigued by the rays of energy emitted by the fridge—are they defensive or offensive forces?

04 February 2016

Branching Out

Trees in winter. Winter trees in tile. There's something very appropriate about the cold medium of ceramic depicting scenes from the bleak season. I find the coloration and decoration of this large format tile to be profoundly expressive. stonehollowtile.com

03 February 2016

Hidden in Plain Sight

Touch-latches open and close the storage compartments of the b3 backsplash, which is a handsome combination of creative design and practical space planning. Organizing everything from spice jars to carving knives to cleaning supplies, the modular unit can be expanded as needed. The doors are fronted in glass, sleek and easy to clean. bulthaup.de

02 February 2016

Clever Cooking

While I like the idea of sous vide cooking, the practice—simmering vacuum-packed food at a precise temperature—is frankly a turn-off. Who wants a cauldron of hot water occupying the cooktop on a routine basis? Using the steam oven to complete the cooking process is so much easier. A big danke to the engineers behind this ultra efficient [and tidy] Swiss system, which includes a built-in vacuum-sealing drawer. vzug.com

01 February 2016

Hole-istic Design

A most curious kitchen, this. All those portals in the cabinet doors remind me that tomorrow is Groundhog Day; they bear an admittedly far-fetched resemblance to openings of burrows. I'm going to predict that ol' Punxsutawny Phil won't see his shadow, and that spring will be here before we know it. architectureatlarge.com

21 January 2016

A Gripping Design

Designed by architects Roberto Lucci and Paolo Orlandini, the Time kitchen displays an unusual mix of curving and canted lines, and a lovely materiality, to boot. The drawer handles have an aeronautical grace to their drooping profile that I find very original. The modular proportion of the countertop thickness is carried through the cabinetry—another intelligent touch. snaidero.com

20 January 2016

An Unexpected Elegance

While this covetable collection of kitchen and bath fittings is indeed called 'MY', don't mistake that for a possessive. The designation is designer Michael Young's initials. With a hand-finished mirror polish, the futurist forms invite touching. jougor.com