24 April 2015

Better Late Than Never

By the time this ad was published in 1977, Earth Day had been observed for seven years. Environmental awareness might have been a little slow in coming to the appliance industry, but it made an effort, enlisting no less a force than performer Pearl Bailey, the Ambassador of Love. Pearl's full-throated declaration of this washer's water-saving superiority, scripted though it was, helped raise the ecological consciousness of a generation.

23 April 2015

In the Bud

With the advent of Earth Week, the first convincing signs of spring have appeared. Birds are nesting, cherry trees are in blossom, and the color green returns to the landscape palette—nature has at last begun its seasonal renewal. In due time, flowers will emerge, but until then, Tord Boontje's fanciful Primavera Colore ceramic tiles will suffice. bardelli.it

22 April 2015

Watts Up—Or Rather, Down

While Earth Day provides an eco-excuse to reduce electrical power consumption, I think the good looks of this oil lamp justifies its use on a more regular basis. Designed with technical input from Harnish, a gas-lamp manufacturer founded in 1842, the black-chromed fixture sheds a clear and kilowatt-free light. castordesign.ca

21 April 2015

Rock On

Two of the three Rs—reduce, reuse, recycle—apply to this simple stone sink. An antique, the shallow basin was simply drilled to fit modern plumbing. ancientsurfaces.com

20 April 2015

Logging In

Designed by Willi Bruckbauer, who's not just a master carpenter but also an engineering whiz for ventilation manufacturer Bora, this kitchen island kicks off Earth Week at KBCULTURE. The origins of the piece are clear: A mighty oak tree that's been partially milled to support a concrete work surface, complete with sink and cooktops. Especially in this era of virtual reality, it's all too easy to lose touch with the natural world; this piece is a striking reminder of its strength and beauty. werkhaus.cc

17 April 2015

Conveying a Concept

In 1955, a ball bearing producer released a series of ads that speculated about the kitchen ten years hence. It should come as no surprise that all of the imaginings turn, if you will, on the use of little steel spheres. In this scenario, meals roll out of a contraption that is equal parts refrigerator and oven, streamlining food prep and putting a whole new spin on appliances.

16 April 2015

Room for Reflection

In my experience, bathroom mirrors fall into one of two categories: ultra plain or overwrought. This refined design avoids those extremes. Mixing a dash of Danish modern with a soupçon of steampunk,  a pair of brass clamps holds the mirror off the wall, giving the normally flat plane a three-dimensional presence. kbhsnedkeri.dk