19 September 2014

Passing Fancies

1951 looks like it was quite a transitional year, design-wise. Western-Holly jumbled streamlining with international style and not-quite-pastel colors, then boldly ventured into dubious territory by implying the resulting appliance was a work of art. Novel, yes—but art? Somehow, peering through a port-hole window at a ham falls a little short of that standard.

18 September 2014

A Clean Sweep

Some see solid surfacing as a sterile, characterless material. This installation might sway that thinking a bit. One with the countertop, the basin and sloped drain board are simple, elegant, and functional. A [literally] pretty persuasive case, I'd say. doimocucine.it

17 September 2014

Beauty Under Glass

With interlayers of fragile capiz shell, translucent onyx, wiry bear grass, and a stunning array of other natural elements, these glass and resin panels are a lovely [and permanent] way to extend the summer season indoors, during the dormant months of fall and winter. Perhaps the more pessimistic would suggest this is a way to preserve the bio-world—but I am not that strident. livinglass.com

16 September 2014


It's September, so of course [assume sarcastic tone, now] it's time to focus on Thanksgiving and its full-bore deployment of kitchen appliances. This feature, seen at the IFA trade show in Berlin, would definitely make a cook's life easier during the culinary madness of that holiday. It's a hands-free hinge, able to open an oven with [assume awed tone, now] a mere tap on the door panel. The eHinge holds great promise, I think. apparatebau.it

15 September 2014

Looking Up

A weekend hike revealed skies of a blue only seen in late summer time. A clear but ultimately complex shade, I think it would be impossible to replicate in pigment. Clouds were smoothly smeared across the vista; no puffy cumulus, but wind-sculpted stretches of white. These days are treasured, before the grey of autumn and winter sets in. tvis.com

12 September 2014

It's So You

New York Fashion Week wrapped up yesterday, and as I scanned the runway shows, I didn't notice too much in the way of Buttercup Yellow or Seafoam Green. And the models weren't catwalking with arms outstretched. But it seems like such things were in vogue in 1953, along with magically self-supporting console sinks and a corner tub—which, in a slightly modified form, is still available today. Some designs become classics, others just fade away.

11 September 2014

Handles, With Care

A faucet with two lever handles is quite the curiosity. Yet that's precisely what Danish designer Anders Hermansen has created with the A-Pex [the name reflects the position of the controls on the top of the spout]. Consumer research indicated that folks wanted controls within easy reach, hence this convenient configuration. One handle regulates the water's temperature; the other, its flow. The fitting is available for both the kitchen and the bath. damixa.com