24 April 2018

Stylish Water Supply

Tucking the spout of this faucet into a metal-lined reveal in the stone wall gives each element an identity of its own, and lifts the installation above the ordinary. glennsestigarchitects.com

23 April 2018

Spring Has Finally Sprung

Yes, I've been quiet for a while. As everyone in the northeast will attest, the past winter maintained a far too tenacious grip on us; I mean, snow in April?!? Any reasonable person [and I include myself in that demographic] would have gone into hibernation. And I did.

Now, with the tentative blossoming of magnolias and cherry trees, I'm back. This over-the-top Miami kitchen has both the witty artistry and the panache to carry us forward into what I hope is a glorious springtime, late though it may be. frankdibiasi.com

21 February 2018

Storage, Squared

The drawers and shelf on the side of this wall-hung sink offer convenient access to storage for those who may be standing [or sitting—it is a bathroom, after all] somewhere other than in front of the unit. Clever! boffi.com

20 February 2018

Design for Transition

Apparently, I'm in a minimalist mood, now; yesterday's kitchen design, and this barely-there bathroom, are mirroring the colorless, stripped-down quality of the late-winter landscape. What does the narrow portal to the shower portend? I see it as a point of transformation, signaling a change in spatial—and seasonal—conditions. frederickielemoes.be

19 February 2018

Straighten Up

It's good to be back after a needed winter break. Looking ahead to Eurocucina, we'll be seeing more highly organized open storage in the kitchen. Item-specific shelving, racks, and cubbies—often fitted with accessories like canisters and other containers—continue to sideline enclosed wall cabinets [with the exception of big, double-door pantry units]. varennacucine.com

31 December 2017

2017 KBCULTURE Awards

We are oh-so-pleased to reveal the honorees of this year's competition! Hearty congratulations to all!

05 December 2017

Flush with Meaning

Recent depressing developments [see: Bear Ears National Monument, tax reform, border wall, et al] have me looking to art for comfort. Made while he was participating in the arts/industry residency program at the John Michael Kohler [yes, that Kohler] Arts Center, this 1974 sculpture by Jack Earl caught my eye. Perhaps you'll find some personal solace in 'The Factory as Toilet' as well.