30 July 2015

Outward Bound, Day 4

Multiple choice:

           A] The subterranean sauna that is the New York City subway in
                the summer
           B] The planet Mercury
           C] A late-July canoe paddle through the sultry bayous of New
           D] This place [above]. 

Correct.  andersonanderson.com

29 July 2015

Outward Bound, Day 3

Sometimes, it is just too hot to go outside; to venture beyond the perimeter of the AC for too long a time is simply punishing. In such situations, it could be doubly refreshing to contemplate this stylized tsunami mural from the cool comfort of the tub.

28 July 2015

Outward Bound, Day 2

In the absence of moonlight, the Palo Alto pergola makes a pleasantly atmospheric substitute during alfresco dinners. Designed by Josep Lluis Xucla, its lattice roof panels only suggest a structure and the LEDs that limn the 'roof' are shielded, so the outdoor experience isn't compromised. vibia.com

27 July 2015

Outward Bound

In Millennial parlance, this is a thing. A rather perfect thing, actually. A kitchen unencumbered by cupboards that must be stocked or windows that must be washed. To cook, slide the countertop open; slide it closed when more important events—such as watching the sunset—occur. Every component and appliance in the unit is rated for outdoor use. boffi.com

24 July 2015

[Very] Dirty Laundry

Should you count yourself among the laundry-averse, I offer this peek at how the matter was handled in the 'good' old days, i.e., 1905. One primly deposited soiled clothes into a bin, turned on the water, and then hand-cranked the barrel for perhaps hours on end to achieve clean garments. [I am assuming this demure young lady's left bicep would give Popeye a run for his money.]

Change is good...in this case, very good.

23 July 2015

Counter Point

I love stone counters, but sometimes the slab looks like an afterthought on top of the cabinets; the physical connection is there, but the pieces don't relate to one another very well. Here's a clever way around that. Framing the stone in the same wood as the cabinets not only shows off the slab's beauty, but when viewed from across the room, there's no stone datum line to complicate the composition. grattarola.it

22 July 2015

Mixed Messaging

This detail of the new Loft kitchen encapsulates the underlying concept of the design. Michele Marcon has brought together a deliberately motley group of materials, textures, colors, and forms to create a polyglot aesthetic. I can see how this pastiche relates to the still-popular industrial look, but I'll reserve judgement on whether it becomes the Next Big Thing. snaidero.com