21 February 2018

Storage, Squared

The drawers and shelf on the side of this wall-hung sink offer convenient access to storage for those who may be standing [or sitting—it is a bathroom, after all] somewhere other than in front of the unit. Clever! boffi.com

20 February 2018

Design for Transition

Apparently, I'm in a minimalist mood, now; yesterday's kitchen design, and this barely-there bathroom, are mirroring the colorless, stripped-down quality of the late-winter landscape. What does the narrow portal to the shower portend? I see it as a point of transformation, signaling a change in spatial—and seasonal—conditions. frederickielemoes.be

19 February 2018

Straighten Up

It's good to be back after a needed winter break. Looking ahead to Eurocucina, we'll be seeing more highly organized open storage in the kitchen. Item-specific shelving, racks, and cubbies—often fitted with accessories like canisters and other containers—continue to sideline enclosed wall cabinets [with the exception of big, double-door pantry units]. varennacucine.com

31 December 2017

2017 KBCULTURE Awards

We are oh-so-pleased to reveal the honorees of this year's competition! Hearty congratulations to all!

05 December 2017

Flush with Meaning

Recent depressing developments [see: Bear Ears National Monument, tax reform, border wall, et al] have me looking to art for comfort. Made while he was participating in the arts/industry residency program at the John Michael Kohler [yes, that Kohler] Arts Center, this 1974 sculpture by Jack Earl caught my eye. Perhaps you'll find some personal solace in 'The Factory as Toilet' as well.

04 December 2017

Sky-High Kitchen

Dubbed the 'Jenga tower' for its top-heavy collection of blocky,  cantilevered condos, the new high-rise by architects Herzog & de Meuron features kitchens that counter that jagged image. Curving islands and conical range hoods add an element of softness to the interior. dada-kitchens.com

30 November 2017

Masonry Masterpiece

I see more than a little bit of Sol LeWitt in the bold, precise lines that course through this bath by Jean-Louis Deniot. But that's not paint on the walls or floor—it's stone. [Beige French limestone and grey Cascais limestone, to be specific.] The cabinet doors continue the pattern; are they mirrored or painted? I'll never tell—to do so would dilute the mystery of the space. deniot.com