24 July 2014

Duchamp, 2.0

Some may see a sleek ceramic sculpture, others might perceive a section of intestine. Personally, I'm undecided if the design intent of the WCA toilet is subtle or obvious. I do like it very much, though, for its bold appearance. sanindusa.pt

23 July 2014

Passing [Through] Showers

At its essence, the shower experience comes down to a narrow routine: Enter booth, be drenched, exit booth. This floorplan escapes that monotony by creating a pathway rather than a cul-de-sac for the shower. Add to that its almost-outdoors ambiance, and I think we have a winner. lakeflato.com

22 July 2014

Something Fishy

Observing fish drifting in a pond is a fine way to pass a lazy summer day. Barring an actual opportunity to do so [city life has a way of diluting such pastoral scenarios into virtual and/or vicarious experiences], contemplating these wall-bound koi will have to suffice. Using open-backed shelving lets the pattern—'Derwent', named after a doubtlessly bucolic location in west Cumbria—show through. In five colorways. osborneandlittle.com

21 July 2014

Bright Idea

As I see it, this kitchen strikes just the right balance between light and dark. I don't mean the contrast between the cherry-wood cabinets and the white walls; it's the level of illumination that impresses me. I can imagine this Williamsburg kitchen being as evenly lit in the deep of winter as it is on this sunny July afternoon. plainenglishdesign.co.uk

18 July 2014

Culinary Art

How did it happen that in 1968, when a bright Pop-art palette was the rage in the worlds of fashion and art that the best the appliance industry could muster was that regrettable 'rainbow' of almond, avocado, and harvest gold? I do recall the earth-tones trend, but if memory serves, that sprouted up a little later, in the early 1970s. In that case, I apologize to Tappan and its design team, as they were actually ahead of the times, color-wise.

17 July 2014

Moving Minimalism

To appreciate the way this bath tap works, consider its name: Eclipse. Twisting the top polished steel disc shifts it slightly off the center axis; the water flows. Within the visual vocabulary of minimalism, static sculptural work often dominates; this kinetic fitting is all the more striking for breaking that unwritten rule. boffi.com

16 July 2014

Wild Blue Yonder

With a silvery aluminum frame clad in luminous, translucent resin panels, the Azore offers an ethereal outdoor shower experience—and much more enjoyable than yesterday's deluge, I might add. The crisp design and high-tech materials bring polish to the poolside, but if you crave a slightly rustic look, maybe this design is more to your liking. oborain.com