02 September 2015

Coulda, Wooda, Shoulda

As if a teak-lined shower wasn't fantastic in and of itself, the Nature Board also streamlines the construction process. The wooden floorboard comes attached to a rigid, waterproof substrate panel that installs using a tongue-and-groove system. The 'parquet' comes in four different patterns. stadur.com

01 September 2015

Something Fishy

Although September is upon us, summer rolls on. These fun fish—and octopus—tiles, designed by David Lee Csicsko, are a bright and graphic reminder of the sun and the sea, albeit in a slightly imaginary world. housefiftytwo.com

31 August 2015


From the finely detailed cabinetry to the svelte dining chairs, this kitchen exemplifies Italian style. Clean and streamlined in a way that's both a little edgy and a little awkward, the craftsmanship and materials are top notch. I'm really impressed by the cabinets. In the Novalinea collection, the upper drawers faced in wood have recessed handles that are lined in lacquer; the formula is reversed for the lower units. assocucine.it

28 August 2015

You Can't Have It All

My question to Frigidaire: What if you want extra counter space and counter-top cooking at the same time? It seems a reasonable request. But I think the answer would be the 1957-polite equivalent of 'Sorry, Charlie.' Perhaps tellingly, the famously cantankerous Frank Lloyd Wright specified these fold-back cooking units for his Kentuck Knob residence, not too far from Fallingwater.

27 August 2015

Circle Games

Contrary to its appearance, this gyroscope-like grill does not spin, whirl, or otherwise rotate. [Sorry—you'll have to flip your burgers the old fashioned way.] A literal twist on the standard charcoal barbecue, the Kara can pass for a contemporary sculpture, should you have some spare space in the yard or on the patio. cesarre.com

26 August 2015

New + Familiar

As our current crowd of presidential hopefuls are discovering, there's a knack to appearing both visionary and experienced. Get it wrong and you're toast, get it right and reap the benefits.

This bath finds a good balance between old and new, brashly mixing ordinary materials in a modern way. There's a 1950s feel to the blond wood, patterned tile, and terrazzo, but paired with contemporary faucets, the result is a fresh design. hearthstudio.com

25 August 2015

Light Showers

I confess that showerheads which emit a spectrum of colored light have always triggered thoughts of garishly illuminated fountains in Las Vegas for me. But not so with the Kuadra LED-lit shower screen. It's a more tangible canvas, if you will, than streaming water—and it would make a fine nightlight. novellini.com