30 November 2017

Masonry Masterpiece

I see more than a little bit of Sol LeWitt in the bold, precise lines that course through this bath by Jean-Louis Deniot. But that's not paint on the walls or floor—it's stone. [Beige French limestone and grey Cascais limestone, to be specific.] The cabinet doors continue the pattern; are they mirrored or painted? I'll never tell—to do so would dilute the mystery of the space. deniot.com

29 November 2017

Familiarity Breeds Contempt

Well, it's about time that someone realized that slapping a small interactive display on the front of a major appliance was nothing more than an exercise in frustration. We squint, unsatisfied, at tiny screens for hours at a time, usually engaged in something far less detail-oriented as following a recipe—why think such a design is desirable? The Vision oven features a full-door, 19-inch screen that's easily readable from a comfortable distance. And it's not limited to instructional videos; a camera lets you keep an eye on the oven interior from the comfort of your electronic device of choice. hoover.co.uk

28 November 2017

Sinking In

Designed by Dario Gaudio and Vittorio Venezia, the Controstampo pedestal sink is at once raw and refined. There's something about the indeterminate industrial look of the piece that I find quite appealing. A matching tub is also available. falper.it

27 November 2017

A Serene [and Clean] Kitchen

In the wake of Thanksgiving, it's almost startling to see a kitchen that's so tidy. That reaction is heightened by several more integral factors of the design: The shadowy, fog-colored palette; the dissolving, rounded edges of the cabinets, the coved ceiling, and the arched door; the time-telescoping use of contemporary and period details. Hmm...maybe the room is more evocative of Halloween than Turkey Day? evgeniybulatnikov.com

23 November 2017

The Afterbath

Once the beast feast is done, it's time to start planning a recuperative, post-Thanksgiving soak. Allow me to suggest the 'Grid' tub, designed by Werner Aisslinger and Tina Bunyaprasit. Accessories [A wine cooler? Just a suggestion....] can be hung from the enclosing tubular frame, solving a problem that's unique to free-standing tubs. kaldewei.us

22 November 2017

Calm [Kitchen] Before the Storm

This refined kitchen storage reassures me that in this week of culinary chaos, there are still beautiful details in the room deserving of appreciation. In this pantry alcove, the transparent woven-brass sliding screen is a lovely counterpoint to the dusky blue chevron-patterned parquet wall. The design is enlightened; the craftsmanship extraordinary. Something to be thankful for, indeed. lanserring.com

21 November 2017

Beyond the Buffet

While an artistic endeavor, this plate-as-table/table-as-plate design holds much practical potential. As demonstrated in the above film clip, the Bento Table can be endlessly reconfigured to serve a multitude of dishes to a multitude of people, making it a fabulous—if fantastic—furnishing for Thanksgiving dinner. nillylandao.com

20 November 2017

Talking Turkey

It's Thanksgiving week—time to bring it on in the kitchen. For me, the most important design ingredient is a copious amount of work surface. I'm not picky; it can be centralized or dispersed throughout the room, just as long as there's lots of it. This kitchen, anchored by a generous table/island, looks like a promising environment. plainenglishdesign.co.uk

16 November 2017

Tall, Dark, and Handsome [Storage]

In the dual-purpose category of kitchen design, this freestanding, functional partition wall supplies both spatial definition and storage. With a back panel of white opaque glass, it conducts soft, diffused light into adjacent areas. A slim five inches deep, it's well suited for keeping flat or shallow items close at hand. henrybuilt.com

15 November 2017

Ring Around the Rosette

Complementing the collection of concrete-handled taps, this eye-catching trim treatment for the showerhead is brand new. Pop on a concrete rim—eight colors are on offer—and break away from the monochromatic metal look. ritmonio.it

14 November 2017

Bathroom Breakthrough

As if the world wasn't upended enough—we now have a pocket door for shower enclosures. [At least this is good news!] A clever combination of drain and door track, the hardware sits flush to the floor, ensuring easy access for all. With no space-eating door swing or bypass requirements, it's great for small baths. And the soft-close mechanism is a true gift to the noise-averse among us. Available in lengths up to 48 inches. scrigno.net

13 November 2017

Not Standard Issue

Sometimes all it takes to make a kitchen memorable is a curving countertop—really, why not stray from the straight line? But of course, there's more to the Cloe kitchen than a creative contour. Pairing a deeply textured dark elm with satin-finish white surfaces produces a scintillating contrast. The doors and drawers feature a finger-friendly 30ยบ bevel on the inside edge, making them easy to operate. cesar.it

08 November 2017

Pants on Fire

In nine years [!] of producing KBCULTURE, I have never shown the same product twice—until now, and that's with a qualifier: this Pinocchio faucet is now available with the above-shown chrome finish. More than two years ago, I featured the original wooden-body model, in what turned out to be a modestly prescient post. With yesterday's promising political developments, it seemed appropriate to revisit the design; while the silver-tone fitting is sleek, I'm guessing the Liar-in-Chief would opt for nothing less than a gold model. emmevi.it

07 November 2017

Sink as Sculpture

The prolific Patricia Urquiola designed the Wave basin as part of a larger group of products, the Sonar Collection. Made of a proprietary, wafer-thin ceramic that allows crisp curves and edges to be fabricated, the pedestal sink brings a light yet assertive form to the bath. laufen.com

06 November 2017

Wood is Good

I had the great fortune to visit this location—the Copenhagen showroom for the fabled Danish flooring company—shortly before it opened. Even as a corporate kitchen, it's a space that impresses with its materiality and craftsmanship. Designed by Dinesen creative director Thomas Lykke. dinesen.com