18 August 2017

Flashback Friday, Eclipse Edition

On Monday, many of us will scan the skies for the eclipse. [Where I am, we're expecting about a 71% occlusion.] In 1966, New Moon mobile homes offered cutting edge kitchens for families on the move. Heads up!

17 August 2017

A Beacon

Dark times are these. Good design can help, with its emphasis on quality, imagination, and service. The modest and balanced design of the Tull fixture is an example. The aluminum-shaded light comes in some cheery color combos, like turquoise and orange, as well as copper and nickel versions. Available in table/floor and pendant models, Tull was designed by Tommaso Caldera. incipitlab.com

16 August 2017

Bright Idea

These delightfully colored acrylic cylinders can be fit into the handle of the Nice bathroom faucet, adding a modern, gem-like touch to the fitting. It's designed by Matteo Thun and Antonio Rodriguez. fantini.it

15 August 2017

Hot Stuff

I'm envious. Just introduced in EU/UK [there's an impending difference, now, isn't there?] markets, the SmartLine collection is the latest modular offering for cooking appliances. Combine gas hobs, teppan yaki or BBQ grills, and induction burners in sizes and configurations to suit your culinary—and your kitchen—style. A notable improvement upon earlier versions of this concept is the integral downdraft vent. Now a self-contained unit, it can be placed as needed within the cooking array. When opened, its retractable cover protects gas flames from being extinguished—a problem previous generations of the design frequently failed to address. miele.com

14 August 2017

Pursuing the Imperfect

Uncommon colors applied to odd slivers of space keep this kitchen from a fate of predictability. The random quality of the composition is, of course, an illusion; the design is tightly structured. And let's give a hand to the fabricators and installers—without their meticulous work, the impression would likely be mediocre. driesotten.be

11 August 2017

Gimme [Bomb] Shelter

This late-1950s fallout shelter—dubbed the 'Kidde Kokoon'—had none of the comforts of home. The kitchen was basically a can opener, as there was no refrigerator or stove [this predated the microwave, with its irony-laden 'nuking' capabilities]. Lacking showers, sinks, or baths, hygiene was achieved with a sponge and bottled water. Absent plumbing, chemical toilets were available—or a bucket. I hope the renovations going on at the White House while our Cheeto-in-Chief enjoys his vacation includes an update to its emergency quarters.

10 August 2017

Under the Counter and On the Side

Whether your kitchen towels are designer or dingy, this inset hanging rod is a neat way to keep them  convenient without having them flop in front of those spiffy appliances. It also livens up the always-abrupt end to a run of base cabinets. johnlewis.com

09 August 2017

Happy 150th, Mr. Wright

This year marks the sesquicentennial of Frank Lloyd Wright's birth. Here's a peek into the kitchen of his first residence built in Los Angeles, Hollyhock House. Note the cooktop vent incorporated into the ceiling; given its distance from the burners [all two of them!], I can't imagine that it was very effective in clearing the air. The building was restored in 2015, and is open for tours. barnsdall.org

08 August 2017

Summer [Outdoor] Shower

While this season has brought notably more than the usual rainfall, there's always room for such a stylish shower as this model. A sleek angular arch of aluminum, the design is both subdued and eye-catching. talentisrl.com

07 August 2017

Solid as a Rock Design

I'm fascinated by the Bronzo kitchen. Part sculpture, part archeological excavation, it's designed not so much for chefs as artists—or so I think. henrytimi.com

04 August 2017

An Appetite for Al Fresco, The End

Two is too many cooks in a kitchen, let alone crowding a rather small-sized grill, don't you think? By today's behemoth barbecue standards, the puny capacity of this 1968 model is rather sad. And I must say, the menu is a bit dated, as well: steak and an iceberg lettuce salad, with a casserole, of all things, as a side dish. To be fair, gas-fueled grills were still a relative novelty at the time, and the Flavor Twin offered controlled temperature that brought the convenience of indoor cooking outdoors.

03 August 2017

An Appetite for Al Fresco, Day 4

It's a pity that this long, lean grill is only a concept design. Built to run the length of a traditional biergarten table, its linear form lets everyone in on the grilling action. Bratwurst enfilade, anyone? isabelle-enders.de

02 August 2017

An Appetite for Al Fresco, Day 3

Since it's produced by a manufacturer of camping equipment, the Garden Table has some inherent pluses: it's lightweight, sturdy, and can be easily moved. A more unexpected bonus is its elegant aesthetic and functional design; wood-slat modules enclose a variety of cooking elements. snowpeak.com

01 August 2017

An Appetite for Al Fresco, Day 2

While it shares the same contact-grill cooking principle as the egg/hot sidewalk trope [which is applicable on this first day of August], the OFYR is far more refined. Food is placed on the outer ledge of the wood-fired brazier, where it sizzles until done. ofyr.nl