Outward Bound, The End

If I may add one more action to the above list: Hide out. Atrocious even by 1978 standards, that dress stuns with its street-sweeper length, barbecue-sauce color, and rick-racky trim. On a practical note, those ruffled cuffs could do double duty as grill-grate scrubbers. But let's not get too distracted by fashion. The Broilmaster offered an impressive array of features, if not very much cooking area. Certainly subsequent models would locate the prep shelf to the sides of the unit, and the pedestal base could stand a beefing up.

Outward Bound, Day 4

Multiple choice:

           A] The subterranean sauna that is the New York City subway in
                the summer
           B] The planet Mercury
           C] A late-July canoe paddle through the sultry bayous of New
           D] This place [above]. 

Correct.  andersonanderson.com

Outward Bound, Day 3

Sometimes, it is just too hot to go outside; to venture beyond the perimeter of the AC for too long a time is simply punishing. In such situations, it could be doubly refreshing to contemplate this stylized tsunami mural from the cool comfort of the tub.

Outward Bound, Day 2

In the absence of moonlight, the Palo Alto pergola makes a pleasantly atmospheric substitute during alfresco dinners. Designed by Josep Lluis Xucla, its lattice roof panels only suggest a structure and the LEDs that limn the 'roof' are shielded, so the outdoor experience isn't compromised. vibia.com

Outward Bound

In Millennial parlance, this is a thing. A rather perfect thing, actually. A kitchen unencumbered by cupboards that must be stocked or windows that must be washed. To cook, slide the countertop open; slide it closed when more important events—such as watching the sunset—occur. Every component and appliance in the unit is rated for outdoor use. boffi.com

[Very] Dirty Laundry

Should you count yourself among the laundry-averse, I offer this peek at how the matter was handled in the 'good' old days, i.e., 1905. One primly deposited soiled clothes into a bin, turned on the water, and then hand-cranked the barrel for perhaps hours on end to achieve clean garments. [I am assuming this demure young lady's left bicep would give Popeye a run for his money.]

Change is good...in this case, very good.

Counter Point

I love stone counters, but sometimes the slab looks like an afterthought on top of the cabinets; the physical connection is there, but the pieces don't relate to one another very well. Here's a clever way around that. Framing the stone in the same wood as the cabinets not only shows off the slab's beauty, but when viewed from across the room, there's no stone datum line to complicate the composition. grattarola.it

Mixed Messaging

This detail of the new Loft kitchen encapsulates the underlying concept of the design. Michele Marcon has brought together a deliberately motley group of materials, textures, colors, and forms to create a polyglot aesthetic. I can see how this pastiche relates to the still-popular industrial look, but I'll reserve judgement on whether it becomes the Next Big Thing. snaidero.com

Wearing—and Washing

On sultry days where humidity and heat conspire to keep one in a state of perpetual stickiness, this expedient design could offer some relief. An all-in-one configuration where tub and sink co-exist in a single block, it could hardly be more convenient to wash away the grime of summertime. makro.it

Heat Relief

Summer finally checked in this weekend: temps hit the mid-90ºs and are going to stay there for a good part of the week. With its cool steel counters and cabinets, combined with a breezy white and blue palette, I'd gladly choose to chill out in this kitchen. I like the dance going on between the curved and straight lines in the design, too. tristanauer.com

Best Thing Since Sliced Bread

More than fifty years before the food truck craze brought halal tacos, cold brewed lattes, and vegan banana splits to our city streets, this 1960 ad imagined a mobile bakery that would deliver Parker house rolls and biscuits to the cul de sacs of suburbia. Replete with ovens and refrigerators, the Bake-O-Mat promised an on-demand carbohydrate paradise.

Sign me up for Mondays

A Fresh Angle

Kudos to designer Krystof Nosál for his ingenious solution to the Cramped Corner Sink Condition. By simply rotating the integral basin ten degrees to the left or right, he literally creates elbow room, freeing users from bumping shoulders [and perhaps other body parts] against the wall. ravak.com

Delight Full

The Apex light can be installed on the ceiling or wall horizontally or vertically, which gives the fixture an appreciated versatility. The subtle design comes from the usually unsubtle atelier of Karim Rashid; a revelation to me. For either the modern bath or kitchen, it's available in black or white—alas, no hot pink is in the palette. fontanaarte.com

Vino File

Somehow, the act of retrieving a chilled bottle of wine from a drawer has greater emotional appeal than using an upright cooler. There's a happy nonchalance to the action, unlike the pretentiousness that a visit to a towering cabinet can engender. The Cave 55 holds—surprise!—55 bottles, divided over two temperature zones. norcool.com

The Simple Life

This kitchen has a summer camp ethos that is practically palpable to me. Utilitarian cabinets painted a forest green; a communal table and seating of raw wood; unadorned nimbus-white walls. I can almost smell the pine trees.... plainenglishdesign.co.uk

Fare Thee Well [Done]

In the wake of the Grateful Dead's sendoff concerts in Chicago, what could be more appropriate for this week's Flashback [ahem] Friday than a visit to Jerry Garcia's backstage kitchen. In this 1987 clip, Captain Chef Trips shares a few favorite party recipes. Nota bene: This wasn't the only GD-related culinary happening in 1987; it was also the year Ben & Jerry's introduced Cherry Garcia to the world.


With the rare exception, barbecue grills are not the exactly an attractive appliance. Ungainly at best, I'd say. With its lift-up door panel, this simple but effective closet/shed not only hides the offending equipment, but also provides a modicum of shelter from the weather for the chef. Clever!

Stylish Storage

Minimalist design, maximal storage: these modular shelves fold down for use, and up and away when they're not needed. The units are made of beautifully milled recycled aluminum, and the latching and open/close actions are smooth. If you prefer a look that isn't as pure as anodized metal, opt for the Art model, which uses decorative magnetic panels to create a custom visual composition when the shelves are closed. riveli.net

All Fired Up

The quest for an outdoor, wood-fired pizza oven that doesn't look like a rejected design for the Tin Man's hat may have come to an end. The Nordic roots of the Morsø Forno are evident in its mid-century form, as well as its heritage. Designed by Klaus Rath, it's produced by a company that has been designated as a Purveyor to the Royal Danish Court. morsona.com

Looking Out, Looking In

A wall of patterned tile might not be the first thing that comes to mind when thinking about 'the view' from a kitchen. But if there's no pleasing vista to be found, I think this is a rather nice solution. The louvered shutters on the windows and doors add to the ambiance—although they, too, may be providing a screen against less-than-perfect scenery. spechtharpman.com

Red, White + Blue, The End

Dateline: Anytown, America, 1952. Be-aproned housewives joyously dance among improbably huge washers, refrigerators, and ranges, which promise liberation from dirt, frost, dishpan hands, and other domestic scourges. Not exactly on the level of the Emancipation Proclamation or FDR's Four Freedoms, but we're just talking appliances, here.

Have a fine Fourth of July, dear readers.

Red, White + Blue, Day 4

Contrary to one bloviating billionaire's views [I'm looking at you—and your hair—Donald J. Trump], society does benefit from cross-cultural discourse. This hand-painted cabinet unites Asian detailing with the quintessentially English hue, Wedgwood Blue, to create a hybrid design that's the best of two worlds. smallbone.co.uk

Red, White + Blue, Day 3

I'm definitely seeing the rockets' red glare in the Succo 4 ceramic tile. The tracery has an uneven, smoky quality to it, dissipating into the deep field. The lines are digitally produced, although the pattern is excerpted from Rococo geometry. It's a two-tile repeat, for those who want to test the limits of freedom of expression. crinson.com