30 June 2009

Best of Both Worlds

Inserting contemporary cabinetry into this 19th century farmhouse renews the historic architecture and gives the modern design elements a fuller context. I love the interplay of textures and materials.

29 June 2009

Well Done

As great as induction cooking is, there's still a certain amount of guesswork to it; lacking the visual cues provided by a gas flame, pans can build up heat without the cook being aware of a meal's impending incineration. The AutoChef sensors in this touch-control cooktop can be set to hold—and not exceed—specific temperatures. Brilliant! bosch-home.com

27 June 2009

Forward Florals

Digital imagery brings this vanity to full bloom. It's a restful treatment, yet contemporary in its cropping and technology. fbranchetti.com

26 June 2009

Identity Crisis

I seek to resolve the Automat Conundrum. Should those exquisite rows of glass-doored compartments be considered storage units? Or, as they could hold food at either warm or cool temperatures, should they be defined as appliances? Imagine the possibilities of a miniature Automat in the residential kitchen.

25 June 2009

Summer Whites

Summer having officially arrived, a lot of us shed the city style and slip into casual mode. This rustic bath retains some urban edge, with its Ingo Maurer-ish lights and deliberately detailed windows.

24 June 2009

There's a Chill Outside

Poolside or patio, this wheeled wine cart keeps your favorite beverages cool and close at hand. Load up the shelves with snacks, towels, or books—whatever floats your recreational boat. alpina-grills.be

23 June 2009

Initial Interest

If you're the monogrammed bath-towel type, this personalized shower enclosure might strike your fancy. The Alfabeto glass panel is available etched with any letter [or number, for that matter] in either positive or negative 'print'. antoniolupichicago.com

22 June 2009

Black is the New Black

There may indeed be life after stainless steel—at least the silver kind. Kenmore is releasing a refrigerator that's wrapped in black stainless steel. While the appearance of the appliance is nothing out of the ordinary for a bottom-mount fridge, I do admit to being favorably impressed by this new hue; it's quite dashing. kenmore.com

20 June 2009


In this supremely logical yet innovative design, movable cutting boards act as islands in the wet area. A major minor detail I especially like is the towel bar, strategically located above the sink—no dripping on the floor. michaelascherrer.com

19 June 2009


Here's a view of the circa-1950s kitchen at Mendips, the Liverpool home where John Lennon spent his formative years. Typical British post-war modesty—save, perhaps, for the rakish checked floor. The house is open for tours. nationaltrust.org.uk

18 June 2009

Slippery Style

The relentless rain we've been having is taking a toll on my editorial outlook, I fear: these Glitter tiles, randomly studded with raised glaze droplets and the omnipresent Strauss Swarovski crystals, make for one slick surface. alfa-lux.it

17 June 2009

Design Influence

The Fontane tub has an architectural aspect to it. Cladding the central section in vertical grain ash and notching out the entry points to the bath recall a wainscoted room—if only the lower half of it. I can see this tub giving a Nantucket-style home a comfortable modern twist. cadoroclassic.it

16 June 2009

Two of a Kind

To a great extent, the appeal of the Potsink turns on its relationship to its miniature counterpart. Hung together, the visual pun is immediately appreciated. vitra.com

15 June 2009

Questions, Questions

The layout of this space challenges my notions of kitchen design. Staggering three work zones in this fashion is unusual; it's like an extra-long galley, but with bumps. Perhaps it's a demonstration kitchen? The aesthetics are sophisticated, but is the plan flawed? And what's the story with that glass canopy extending from the range hood? KBCULTURE solicits your thoughtful comments.

13 June 2009

Plumb Crazy

I've always been fascinated by objects that perform more than one function. So when I discovered this faucet/towel bar, I was very happy. And I hope it makes you happy, too. neve-rubinetterie.com

12 June 2009

Custom Fit

While the name—it's called the OrgaFlag—may not be music to the ear, this clever organization aid can help orchestrate the contents of any drawer. Its adjustable panels hold items more securely than the simple straight pegs of similar systems. hettichamerica.com

11 June 2009

Upwardly Mobile

Can a well-engineered medicine cabinet mitigate some of life's little woes? The Uplift certainly aspires to do so. With no swinging doors [the mirrored panels glide upwards, not outwards] it's possible to position pendant fixtures for optimal illumination. The mirrored, lighted interior features no less than six electrical outlets. And optional conveniences, such as an extending magnifying mirror, LCD TV mount, a discreet nightlight and a mirror defogger, dispatch all manner of irritants. robern.com

We Interrupt This Blog...

...to inform you of a guest-blog gig that Dan Gregory kindly offered me. Dan is a font of architectural knowledge, and, in addition to writing blogs and books, heads up Houseplans.com—a collection of design-oriented residential floorplans.

10 June 2009

Way Cool, Man

If you think refrigerator drawers are the bee's knees, try this on for size: In 1957, General Electric boasted of a "new wall refrigerator-freezer that puts all foods at your eye level!" Granted, it had a capacity of a mere 11 cubic feet...but it came in pink and aqua.

09 June 2009

Light Fantastic

The Kurage ceiling fixture—I think we'd better call it a chandelier—consists of free-form coils of 1.5mm fiber optic wire; the brightness of the light is determined by the size of the loops. Sketchy and dreamlike, it's hardly a typical pendant. sschemata.com

08 June 2009

Full Spectrum

Let's start the week off with a little shot of color, shall we? The subdued center of attention in this vivid, Pucci-esque surrounding, the two-tone ceramic basin would fare just as well in an all-white setting. olympiaceramica.it

06 June 2009

Home, Again

By request [Hi, Jackie!], another shot of my kitchen. The countertop is largely made of oak stair treads that were harvested from a house slated for demolition. Pots & pans sit on sliding glass shelves; the transparency does away with what otherwise would be dark recesses in the cabinet. jclagett1@verizon.net

05 June 2009

A Fixture Fixed

A simple, brilliant idea: An inverted L made of wood elevates the lowly commode into an aesthetic element of the bath. The Legato toilet is also available with a dark-stained cover. totousa.com

04 June 2009

Mid-Century Mash-Up

A tad on the wacky side, but I like the spunk on display in this kitchen. The print of the roman shades seems to echo the knots in the driftwood-colored floorboards; the powder-blue of the bar stools steers the color scheme away from blandness. srgambrel.com

03 June 2009

Contemplating Space

Design that strives for a sense of the serene takes a risk. Too often, the result is just decorative emptiness, without any real purpose to it. The successful space emits a powerful quietude that inspires reflection on things other than the self. This bath, to me, falls into that latter category. pietboon.nl

02 June 2009

Unconventional Classic

While I'm generally not a fan of fussy or staid looks, there's enough eccentricity in these cabinets to earn my praise. The touches of silver leaf, the plugged fasteners at the mitered corners, and the square [!!] door all contribute to a pleasingly handcrafted kitchen. cadoroclassic.it

01 June 2009

Contain Yourself

Drawers don't have to be—nay, shouldn't be—dull. These snazzy little sidewalls, available in several patterns, keep contents stylishly secure. blum.com