26 June 2009

Identity Crisis

I seek to resolve the Automat Conundrum. Should those exquisite rows of glass-doored compartments be considered storage units? Or, as they could hold food at either warm or cool temperatures, should they be defined as appliances? Imagine the possibilities of a miniature Automat in the residential kitchen.


  1. This reminds me of a kitchen from childhood: my friend's mother, who was Austrian, awoke every morning at 4 to do the day's baking. (A serious baker: she stretched her own strudel dough.) The kitchen not large for a family of 6 kids, but it was "eat-in" and a wall of various sized pass through cubby holes separated the dining table from the working part of the kitchen. As a baked item came from the oven, it appeared on plate and onto a cubby shelf from which, it was always understood, anyone visiting the kitchen could grab a snack, without getting in the way.

  2. What a picture your story conjures! I'm guessing the house was built in the 50s or 60s—the wall of odd-sized openings would seem suitable for those times.
    Thanks for sharing that memory, wendywinn.


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