24 April 2018

Stylish Water Supply

Tucking the spout of this faucet into a metal-lined reveal in the stone wall gives each element an identity of its own, and lifts the installation above the ordinary. glennsestigarchitects.com

23 April 2018

Spring Has Finally Sprung

Yes, I've been quiet for a while. As everyone in the northeast will attest, the past winter maintained a far too tenacious grip on us; I mean, snow in April?!? Any reasonable person [and I include myself in that demographic] would have gone into hibernation. And I did.

Now, with the tentative blossoming of magnolias and cherry trees, I'm back. This over-the-top Miami kitchen has both the witty artistry and the panache to carry us forward into what I hope is a glorious springtime, late though it may be. frankdibiasi.com