31 January 2017

Steady as She Goes

In these turbulent times, I'm seeking stability in all its forms. With its sturdy brass structure and soft leather seat, the Yacht Stool offers a safe [and stylish] harbor when moored at a kitchen island. blackmancruz.com

30 January 2017

Beautifully Off Balance

Newly-named creative director of Dada/Molteni&C, Vincent Van Duysen has introduced a typically cool kitchen. I find the asymmetry of the VVD design is elegant and sensible. The offset range hood and the adjustable-arm sconce give a bump to the composition. For storage, rolling carts docked under the counter offer functional flexibility, while flush, floor-based pantries contrast with protruding wall-hung units. Another notable instance of opposites working together: the transparent and opaque-fronted cabinets, united by a high-gloss finish. dada-kitchens.com

27 January 2017

Alternative Facts

Put forth by a strikingly homogeneous group; inflated, improbable claims of curing conditions from asthma to typhoid [!]—sound familiar? Despite our current events, I am going to resist the temptation to make any puns at the expense of this 'hot air [bath] cabinet'. However, one promised benefit of the 1903 contraption—'soothes the nerves'—is something I can definitely get behind during these stressful days.

26 January 2017

Tub Meets Textile

Water- and sun-resistant textiles for outdoor use have reached a performance pinnacle—so why not capitalize on that and bring them into the bath? The concept is being explored by designer Dominik Tesseraux and fixture manufacturer Bette. Upholstering an enameled-steel tub with a woven fabric: Imagine the possibilities! I think it's an idea whose time has come. bette.de

25 January 2017

Northern Lightness

This morning found a thick ground-fog had settled down in the wake of a drenching Nor'easter, putting everything into soft focus. The effect was similar to this bathroom, with its pale colors and crisp shapes both diffused and defined by the filtered light.

I long for spring.

24 January 2017

Spot Light

Equal parts decorative and industrial, the Pop Round fixture can be installed on the ceiling or the wall. The faceplate is offered in several colors, and different types of bulbs—Edison-style with an intricate filament, frosted make-up mirror globes, and more—shift the look of the light from Art Deco to vintage workplace. Michael Amato designed the quirky lumenaire. urbanelectricco.com

23 January 2017

Escapist Kitchen

Even under ordinary circumstances, at this time of the season, everyone is looking for a respite from the unrelenting dullness of winter. [Southern hemispherians exempted, of course.] The cave-like materiality of this kitchen has a strong appeal for me, as does the quiet integration of the modern elements into the room. The chandelier seems like an afterthought, though; it doesn't strike quite the right discordant note in the space. And at this point, I'm exhausted by discord of any kind. stevenharrisarchitects.com

20 January 2017

Cold Reality

One hopes that in 1954, this statement was not as fraught as it is today—today of all days. Between Citizens United, K Street, a malignantly partisan congress, and alleged kompromat material, all of which can lay justifiable claim to ownership of the incoming POTUS, it's hard to be optimistic about the current state of our union. But we'll persevere.

19 January 2017

Cheers [Not Exactly]

Tomorrow in the US, there will be a sudden and completely explicable spike in the consumption of wine. For some, it will be a celebratory experience, while approximately three million more citizens [myself among them] will be imbibing for a far different reason. Personally, I'd find it rather healing to be partaking in this serene New Zealand spot, with its perforated concrete wall holding several cases of the good stuff. maparchitects.dk

18 January 2017

Y Not?

Debuting at this week's LivingKitchen trade show in Cologne is this little number, er, letter. Designed by architect Michael Hilgers, the Y Kitchen is a tripartite island. As it lacks a refrigerator and an oven, it's meant to supplement, not replace, an open kitchen in a small space. Its strength is providing counter area and drawer storage in a compact footprint; its potential drawback is triggering a literal run-around. I think that could be solved through careful orientation of the unit. ballerina.de

17 January 2017

Shine On

This striking surfacing—seen here on both the wall and the drawer fronts—is a melange of materials: fabric is sandwiched between sheets of glass. While Vetrite is suitable primarily for vertical use [light-wear horizontal applications, like tub decks, is OK], it is offered in an impressive number [18] of formats, ranging from 4x4 inches to 47x110 inches, in more than 50 patterns. sicis.com

16 January 2017

Come Together

While there are two distinctly different styles present, there is harmony in this kitchen. Without the ornamented interior architecture, the contemporary elements—the diaphanous light fixture and crisp cabinets—would sit in a space with little character or detail. It's a small reminder of how, sometimes, it's possible to bridge the gap between opposing forces. gedcucine.it

13 January 2017

On Ice

I hesitate to say it, but there's just one thing that comes to my mind whenever I see these 1950s fridges: they look like they'd be better suited for the morgue than the kitchen. Despite their impossibly limited capacity—combined, the freezer and cooler offer less than 15 cubic feet of storage—I can't shake the impression that I've seen them in old TV shows like Dragnet and Quincy.

12 January 2017

Live Wire

I think the Line door handle demonstrates that minimalism can have richness and soul. According to its creator, an alum of the Design Academy Eindhoven, the 28-inch length of sinuous brass represents a pulse of movement in an otherwise static stripe. jeroenvandegruiter.nl

11 January 2017

Hot Stuff, Indeed

'Dry flat': That particular fabric care directive is easier said than done, right? At best, it is a slow, inefficient, and space-consuming process. Making that a thing of the past is the FlexDry, which bundles a front-loading tumble dryer and a controlled-heat, enclosed drying rack into a single appliance. While two-in-one washers have been around for a while [and one is offered as a mate to FlexDry], that double-duty functionality has gone missing from dryers—until now. samsung.com

10 January 2017

Throwback Tuesday

KBIS—the Kitchen and Bath Industry Show—opened its doors today, showcasing what's new in appliances, fittings and fixtures, and cabinets. Because I'm in a contrary mood [and may be for the next four years], I'm featuring this ultra-retro-look, blued-brass cooktop. There are gas burners beneath those gleaming copper plates, which serve to moderate the heat distribution. The elemental aspect of the design is quite appealing to me.

[I promise to focus on new-school design tomorrow.] officinegullo.com

09 January 2017

A Cool Kitchen

The greyish white tones, the long-raking winter light—this is a fitting kitchen for January, I think. The room is actually located in a beach house [a cruel taunt of summer during these icy days...]. Unlike the crisp lines of this cabinetry, however, our snow is currently anything but pristine; it's a slushy, sloppy mess. glennreynaert.be

06 January 2017

Nasty Woman, 60s Style

Pantsuit Nation was but a gleam in the eyes of us 'girls' in 1968; back then, we felt more at home in Pucci-print palazzo-legged jumpsuits [coordinating the color with a major appliance was optional]. Fashions have certainly evolved since then, but some boundaries have yet to be broken.

05 January 2017

Concrete Reasoning

Brutalism—sadly, I feel it's necessary to clarify that I'm referring not to human behavior, but to the architectural style—is having a resurgence. So welcome this concrete-handled faucet. Granted, the Haptic's slightly rounded shape might fall short of Paul Rudolph-level geometric standards, but materially speaking, it's spot on. ritmonio.it

04 January 2017

Floating in [Hot] Air

For better or worse, it's sauna season. This model, with the minimalist name 'Air', features suspended interior elements, which allows the unit to be installed on an existing floor. Locating the heater in the center of the sauna, rather than the usual corner or sidewall spot, makes the steam-bathing experience that much more of a communal affair—more true to its nature, I think. effegibi-perfect-wellness.com

03 January 2017

Two Views

The simplicity of this bathroom is beguiling. [As is its square footage!] Imagine the space with the two mirrors a matching pair, rather than the geometric variants they are, and appreciate the power of the considered detail. india-mahdavi.com

02 January 2017

We Can Do This

Let's start off the new year gently, shall we? For anyone who was bruised by the events of 2016, I'm sure you can appreciate this approach. Designer Christian Ghion's Alice kitchen is filled with subtle, studied touches that simultaneously soften and enhance the cabinetry. The legs, most obviously, which are also found on coordinating casegoods and coffee tables; the graceful, outward curve of the top drawers, which works to expand the counter surface; the asymmetrical composition of the island unit. Even the not-grey color is a hue that holds out some promise. arthur-bonnet.com