30 April 2009

Watch the Step

Courtesy of P. Starck, an elegant addition to the kitchen. The K series of sinks comes in various basin configurations; all feature a raised rim around the bowl, a small sculptural detail which happily transforms the usually boring and bland profile of a drop-in sink. duravit.com

29 April 2009


While the last 100 days have brought much change to America, KBCULTURE zeros in on changes in the White House kitchen. This snapshot was taken 100 years ago, in 1909. Click the link to see more revealing views. whitehousemuseum.org

28 April 2009

High Design, Low Profile

The Acquapiano sink exhibits three trends together: A large wash-surface/drainboard area, specialized colander inserts and an integral pull-out faucet that fits flush with the top of the unit. That last detail should suit minimalists just fine, as it eliminates any interruption of the counter plane by towering taps. glemprogetti.com

27 April 2009

Go with the Flow

The sinuous W+W fixture combines a washbasin with a water closet—hence the name—in an innovative wall-hung design that's both aesthetically and ecologically attractive. Water drains from the sink directly into the toilet tank, reducing the consumption of fresh water. roca.com

24 April 2009

On a Lighter Note

I like the distinctive yet unassuming atmosphere generated by this room. Appliances are pushed back into the walls, emphasizing their role in the composition while minimizing their bulk. The globe fixtures—the only round elements in the kitchen—lighten things up in more ways than one.

23 April 2009

Take It Outside

Here's a good looking kitchen-on-a-cart, just in time for grilling season. The hook for the hose, prep surfaces with tip-resistant cutouts, and anchored base are features that confirm safety didn't take a back seat to design. alpina-grills.be

22 April 2009

The Light Fantastic

A little bit steampunk, a little bit recycled [happy Earthday to you!], this pendant lamp charms with its worn patina, old-fashioned filament bulb and unrefined lines. sundancecatalog.com

21 April 2009

Eye Openers

Maybe you're the type who needs a blast of visual caffeine in the morning to get going. These shower panels are punched up with statement-making super-graphics—and they can be had with a battery of body sprays and massaging overhead streams to awaken the physical as well as the perceptual senses. whyonlywhite.com

20 April 2009

Natural Elements

The way this kitchen culminates in a tall wall of windows is so enjoyable; there's no substitute for the light, textures and colors of nature. The grain of the cabinets connects with the trees in a material sense and its golden striations make me think of the sun. dowlingkimmstudios.com

18 April 2009

Eating In

The smartest storage ideas keep objects close to their point of usage. Here, the two levels of a kitchen island are bridged by a panel that slides open to reveal stacked trays of breakfast necessities: cereal, bowls and a toaster [note the convenient electrical outlet]. Everything's hidden, yet handy. arthur-bonnet.com

17 April 2009

Outside the [White] Box

A tip from a reader in Italy [grazie, TGP!] led us to these incredible hand-crafted appliance armoires; this line is called Cambusa. Built of ebonized ash and brushed brass hardware, the interior can be fitted with a fridge and freezer, as well as a coffee machine, ice maker and oven. meneghiniarredamenti.com

16 April 2009

Altitude Adjustment

The Alladole mirror is an ingenious solution to the problem faced by users tall and small. A tug on the pendulum-like counterweights controls the height of the mirror; position it laterally by rolling it along the wheeled track overhead. hegowaterdesign.it

15 April 2009

Home Sweet Home

From 1935 to 1944, the Farm Security Administration hired photographers to document the effects of the Depression on rural households and communities. This image, from 1939, suggests a turning point had been reached; while the counters [and perhaps cupboards] were bare, the pride of place is evident in the spotless room. Note the single tap at the sink—cold water only.

14 April 2009

Getting Wet

Designing a shower enclosure is not easy. Resolving conflicting issues like privacy versus light and access, visual monotony versus overworked mishmash—even editing the hardware can be treacherous in such small confines. That's why this "simple" shower impresses with its well-chosen materials, pattern, colors and light. hartwrightarchitects.com

13 April 2009


There's been interest in seeing more of my kitchen; I'm happy to oblige. We picked up the sink from a restaurant supply store. A dishwasher is supposed to fit under the integral counter to the left of the basin, but we prefer the lightness and clarity of the composition without that appliance. jclagett1@verizon.net

11 April 2009

Foods for Thought, Part 2

Portability is another recurring theme in the "Global Street Food" exhibit. In Buenos Aires, a shopping cart has been transformed into a mobile charcuterie. dornbracht.com

10 April 2009

Foods for Thought

At the imm Cologne fair, an exhibit sponsored by Dornbracht featured a variety of improvised public kitchens gathered from around the world. Mike Meiré curated "Global Street Food" with the intent to raise questions on what constitutes a kitchen; what the project confirms is resourcefulness rules. From the floating markets of Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, this boat has been adapted fore and aft to serve food and beverages. dornbracht.com

09 April 2009

Bath Time

A contemporary wooden cradle embraces the vintage-style tub called the Epoca One Top. Let's take a poll: Do you think this high-style hybrid succeeds or falls short? KBCULTURE invites you to leave a comment. gruppotres.it

08 April 2009

Buffet Styled

It's not a 3-D rorschach test! Look critically and you'll see silhouetted place-settings comprise the top of this tricky table by Kajsa Oberg. kajsaoberg.se

07 April 2009

On a Roll

Part surreal, part spartan, the Clojo tissue holder by designer Henk Stallinga satisfies our desire for art and economy. greenergrassdesign.com

06 April 2009

Bold Blooms

Hopefully, overwrought damask patterns are gone from our walls for good. Invite color and graphic impact back into your life with these arresting ceramic tiles. Note the continuous coverage from floor to wall. bisazzausa.com

04 April 2009

Hot Stuff

As if we need incentive to look forward to warmer days, this outdoor kitchen center offers a most appetizing design. And it's flexible: The bamboo counter panels can be attached to the cooking table in different configurations to suit your space. dwr.com

03 April 2009

Déjà New

A masterful mix, this kitchen. Traditional cabinets all around, until we get to the cooking island. There, stainless steel doors keep things from getting stylistically sleepy. And the two-tone color scheme is so courant. marchicucine.it

02 April 2009

Contemporary Composition

There's something about this vanity/sink that's emblematic of our times...the cabinet is balanced, stable, symmetrical, while the basin angles off into thin air. laufen.com

01 April 2009

In a Perfect World

Even though I am able to thrive in an environment of convivial chaos [as my cluttered desk attests], orderliness—especially in the kitchen—holds a great appeal. These integral, dedicated cutting boards are a boon for fastidious cooks. mwf.com