23 April 2009

Take It Outside

Here's a good looking kitchen-on-a-cart, just in time for grilling season. The hook for the hose, prep surfaces with tip-resistant cutouts, and anchored base are features that confirm safety didn't take a back seat to design. alpina-grills.be


  1. this would have fit nicely in kb whatever it was.....(guess who!)

  2. it is high time western culture reduce the scale of its material possessions, and this product could be a decent place to start -- assuming it would be "the" kitchen for an entire house. too radical, you say? plenty of the world would be more than happy to have such a set up.

  3. Anonymous22 July, 2010

    Great post Leslie.
    Don't let my DH see this. He would love this alongside his "Bobby Flay" grill. What could be better than a man who loves to cook?

  4. Thanks for your comment, averydesigninteriors.

    This unit would make a nice complement to a grill with a larger cooking surface...but we'll keep that between us, right? >wink<

    I appreciate your reading KBCULTURE.


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