31 March 2009

The Regal Deal

Plenty of counter surface: Check. Accessible storage: Check. Abundant natural light: Check. This circa-1819 view of the kitchen at St. James Palace confirms that qualities we esteem in contemporary kitchen design were also important in earlier days. My favorite feature—the massive, bi-level work table in the foreground.

30 March 2009

Form with Feeling

The Prisma sink exudes a sense of calm and balance that I find immensely appealing. A utilitarian object that inspires quiet contemplation is rare; this stone vessel's complex curves invite thought as well as touch. ilbagnobandini.it

29 March 2009


How better to begin this new venture, KBCULTURE, than to offer a look at my own kitchen? Designed by architect John Clagett [yes, indeed, there is a personal connection there!], it is a space that is both fulfilling and stimulating. Put another way: While every aspect of the room is customized for optimal function, it never feels cold or mechanical—it's a most engaging place to work and socialize.

And perhaps not coincidentally, that is exactly what I hope KBCULTURE will be for readers; a lively, intelligent locus of ideas relating to the two most vital spots in the home, the kitchen and the bath.