A Fitting Remembrance

In the shadow of its designer's death, the Vitae faucet, by Zaha Hadid, made a melancholy debut at last week's i Salone. Unlike her previous fitting, which emphasized an exuberant swooping line, this lav set is more focused on mass. The shell-like form nestles comfortably in the palm. noken.com

Serene + Spirited

I'm not ready for Monday. The quick ramp-up to work and the resumption of routine comes all too soon. This kitchen, with the visual jumble of appliances skillfully concealed behind the wall panels, is the kind of room that could ease the harsh transition from weekend to weekday. liebkeprojects.com.au

The Right Light

Not everything shown at iSalone is flamboyant, striving design. Case in point: Shine, the understated yet elegant towel bar/light/grab bar by Monica Graffeo. The light can be focused in different directions without compromising the gripability or strength of the installation. This accessory is universal design in the truest sense of the word. everlifedesign.it

Japan, Via Milan

Designer Stefano Cavazzana cites the bento box as inspiration for his new Oblon bathroom fixtures. Similar to the bento's functional form, the interchangeable basin, its rim, and accompanying tray/lid can be stacked in different color combinations. The collection premieres at iSalone this week. novello.it

Material Switch-Up

Mixing marble and smoky glass, the Bespoke vanity makes a suave entrance at iSalone this week. While combining opacity and transparency in a single unit has been done before, the application protocol has been upended by designer Carlo Colombo; usually it's the sink that's glass, not the cabinet. antoniolupi.it

Cultured Kitchen

Premiering this week in Milan at Eurocucina, the Miuccia kitchen is a rather debonair combination of grooved midnight blue cabinets and marble counters sitting atop sled-like metal bases that are finished in rose gold. To me, the luxe design by Ruadelpapavero Creative Studio can trace its aesthetic lineage back to both art deco and the Memphis movements. tmitalia.com

Really Cool Colors

Well, this is certainly a vivid answer to the oft-asked question, What comes after stainless steel. Just in time for Eurocucina, the homely FAB 28 fridge has been gussied up by none other than Dolce & Gabbana in a limited edition of 100 handpainted appliances. The price tag—about $33,500—might possibly put a chill on your enthusiasm. smeg.com

An Organic Oeuvre, Day 3

Seven years ago, Zaha Hadid designed this sculptural faucet. It is frankly massive, and cedes no ground to any other element in the kitchen. Entirely hand-finished, the fabrication process was—to put in mildly—labor intensive. It was, I believe, a labor of love for the late architect. triflowconcepts.com

An Organic Oeuvre, Day 2

At the Hotel Puerta America in Madrid, the bathrooms were designed by Zaha Hadid. Yes, there's a certain resemblance to the fluid forms of Gaudi, but the absence of color creates a far different effect. Posthumously, it is starkly empty.

An Organic Oeuvre

Some view the so-called signature aesthetic as an easy creative path, a process more repetitious than it is refining. The late architect Zaha Hadid found satisfaction in exploring parametric forms at all scales, from the design of shoes to soccer stadiums. This kitchen, fabricated of Corian solid surfacing, displays the characteristic swooping style that brought her acclaim around the world.