29 March 2009


How better to begin this new venture, KBCULTURE, than to offer a look at my own kitchen? Designed by architect John Clagett [yes, indeed, there is a personal connection there!], it is a space that is both fulfilling and stimulating. Put another way: While every aspect of the room is customized for optimal function, it never feels cold or mechanical—it's a most engaging place to work and socialize.

And perhaps not coincidentally, that is exactly what I hope KBCULTURE will be for readers; a lively, intelligent locus of ideas relating to the two most vital spots in the home, the kitchen and the bath.


  1. Hey haven't I cooked in that Kitchen? You are on your way Leslie. Good luck with the blog. Love Kathy

  2. Leslie -- This is fantastic! I covet your kitchen. I will bookmark your blog, and look forward to catching up soon. -- Jennifer

  3. Great first post -- looking forward to future postings. Are you still in the print world, too?

  4. Leslie and John
    What a labor of love. I know how much this means to the both of you. I hope this makes your nest happier. All the best.

  5. Are those paper towels suspended on the "fan"? Does it whirl? Beautiful kitchen and lovely blog.
    Happy to see where you've landed....Brava!


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