03 July 2014

Design Independence, Day 4

It's safe to say that over the next few days—Hurricane Arthur notwithstanding—there will be millions of backyard and beach barbecues as we celebrate the Fourth of July. The purpose behind this inventive design is portability; the tripod stand, fuel 'cradle', and star-shaped grate all fold up into a neat package. The 'Grillo' is made of stainless steel. formaxiom.com


  1. unfolded or folded [http://www.formaxiom.com/portfolio/grillo/] — it's transformative. the one serious flaw is the fire pit. you can't avoid having hot embers slipping thru the mesh.

    1. You're quite right, John. It would be necessary to locate the grill on a concrete or stone surface. And I wouldn't wear sandals...


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