29 September 2009

Seasonal Style

Here's a kitchen that eases the summer-autumn transition for me. The celadon color of the cabinets has a freshness that's uplifting, while the burnished tones of the range hood, floor boards and ceiling beams promise warmth in the chilly months ahead. elainegriffin.com


  1. To feel so clearly the emotional content of a kitchen and to know its place in the annual cycle, it seems rather obvious that in a former lifetime or in former lives you were a Chinese courtier or a Taoist sage.

    The refrigerator door, by the way, without seeming cheap, is as flat and rectangular as the cabinets, as though it were a broom closet or a handy cupboard for cold things. Its technology no longer feels the need to announce itself. Also, the leaves in the frames are still green. This is an especially nice touch — a remembrance of things past.

  2. ...and of things to come.


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