03 March 2011

The Better to See You

Usually, bathroom conveniences focus on the fair sex—foot rests built into shower stalls to facilitate leg shaving, pull-out faucets for hair washing, and the like. How about some design equity for the guys? Hot water channeled through inside of this showerhead keeps the mirror-like surface from fogging, affording a clear view and a close shave. reflectshower.com


  1. Yes ma'am... this is extra nice.

  2. I had a conversation with a plumbing executive [who shall remain secure in anonymity] who told me he used the reflection in his handshower to shave.

    Who knew?

    Thanks for reading, Nick.

  3. To be completely honest, Leslie- I've mastered(or miserably failed) just shaving in the shower without a mirror... I like the concept of this shower head but sadly the stream looks less than awesome.

    Give and take, I suppose.

    And you're welcome for reading- wouldn't miss it!

  4. I, too, occasionally shave in the shower "blind." Not my favorite thing to do, so this is definitely an intriguing idea. But that stream of water looks less than inviting: perhaps there's more there than meets the eye.


  5. Nick and Anonymous: You both raise the point about the strength of the stream as shown in this photo. As I have no personal experience with this shaving process, I must ask you: Would it not be appropriate to dial down the flow when looking into the showerhead?

  6. Perhaps dialing the stream down would be better- see if you can get reflectshower to send me one of these and I'll try it out. ;-)

    I know the one thing I would need in my personal shower after installing this showerhead.... better lighting.


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