26 April 2011

All Squared Up

Looking like miniature, modernist city blocks, these knobs and pulls are designed by Erin Adams and made of recycled aluminum. Take your pick of antique brass, oil-rubbed bronze, black matte or polished chrome finishes. Suitable applications for the Offset collection abound, whether on plain painted cabinets or clear-grained wood cupboards. duverre.com


  1. These are so cool Leslie, because they remind me of the work of artist Louise Nevelson! Check her out and you will see.

  2. Hi Leslie,
    This looks great! Thanks for mentioning Du Verre. Offset is now available in kitchen and bath showrooms across the country. Best regards,

  3. @ Gloria: You are so right! Itty-bitty Nevelsons.

    @ Gina: Thank you for your help.

    And thanks to you both for reading & writing.


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