07 October 2011

Good Intentions

Let's give Hotpoint props for its pledge to eliminate 'fumbling and groping' for items in this refrigerator—but the 1956 design does have a drawback. The Big Bin that's affixed to the bottom of the door is so deep that it looks to me like one would have to stand aside when opening the fridge. The awkward access is compounded by the not-so-ergonomic action of crouching down to reach the food in the enclosure.

Back to the drawing board.


  1. We had, in 1958, a pink Frigidaire with a bottom freezer that had a similar bin in the upper door. It was waist high and worked rather well as I recall. It didn't have the milk storage area like the one pictured, but resembled the one in this ad:

    Here is a better view in an ebay ad:

  2. I suspect a bin placed at waist height would make all the difference in the convenience of this design, Mom [if I may be so familiar]. Thank you for your first-hand contribution.


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