16 October 2012

On-the-Spot Clean

The personal-sized washing machine has been a perennially popular subject of conceptual design studies and competitions; the proposals often feature futurist [or fabulist?] technologies like wrinkle-zapping microwaves. This appliance, dubbed the Mini, has made the leap from drawing board to market. The wall-mounted washer measures about 2'x2'x1' and holds a little more than six pounds of laundry. A direct-drive motor helps dampen vibration. I can imagine one of these might be quite a convenience in a nursery or master bath. dwe.co.kr


  1. Looks cute but I would prefer doing the laundry in bulk. But this one's convenient, and a little over personalized I think.

    1. What do you mean by 'over personalized', RAD? A curious comment...