20 December 2012

A Toast!

We've reached a milestone here at KBCULTURE—one thousand posts. To celebrate, let's take a desirous look at the Sommelier Set, a new feature on selected wine cabinets. Oenophiles, take note of its conveniences: An inclined shelf is tailor-made for in-fridge decanting; stemware is kept cool on a hardwood rack; open bottles can be securely stored upright; corkscrews and other tools are handily stored in a lidded wooden box. miele.co.uk


  1. Lesley - Bravo! Your observations are always fresh, entertaining and thought-provoking. We look forward to many insightful, stringent and informative reviews to come. As both artists and consumers we appreciate you keeping us on our toes! Always, Jen

    1. Jen, thank you SO much for your sweet thoughts and words. They mean a lot to me.