04 April 2014

Poetic License

My. The 1945 Westinghouse freezer would have to have been a very special appliance indeed to inspire verse. In today's freon-less world, it might be more appropriate to pen 'Ode to the Ozone' rather than 'O stands for Oodles/of frozen food space/For every last item/there's just the right place.' But I don't want to be a kill-joy. Click the image and read more rhyming paeans like 'R stands for Raspberries/picked at their prime/You'll serve 'em in winter/and have a gay time.'


  1. where has the collective innocence of society gone?

    1. My thought: In a time when it is possible to answer virtually any question of fact within seconds [thank you, Google] and algorithmically anticipate the future, we have largely become immune to the pleasures—and sometimes pains—of interacting with the world.

      I share your concern, John. Thank you for posing the question.