18 July 2017

Clean[ing] Machine

I know: This looks like a computer mouse has been dropped in the sink. But the Dolfi ultrasonic washing device is specifically designed for submersion. By emitting ultrasound waves in the water, it triggers a process called cavitation, where [paging Carl Sagan] billions and billions of incalculably tiny bubbles are generated that softly, safely, and thoroughly clean fabric. The product name, by the way, references dolphins, who use ultrasound to communicate with one another over great distances. dolfi.co


  1. is this an alternative to a washing machine? if it is, then this is the first important new technology of the past 200 years.

    1. This is meant to wash—not rinse or dry—a small amount of laundry, between two and four pounds. Some investigations into using ultrasound at a larger scale have been made by major appliance manufacturers, but so far, the results have not been satisfactory.


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