21 September 2017

Cue the 'cue

Defying the calendar, we'll have a summer-like weekend, with temperatures close to 90ºF. Let the cookouts continue, I say! Made of Corten steel, this durable design will easily make the transition into fall [whenever it should arrive]. It's offered as a standalone model, or with one or two oak shelvesone or two oak shelves. The pedestal opens to store fuel, whether wood or briquettes. attika.ch

1 comment:

  1. it has an overall practical feel.
    good and bad points
    + swiss
    + places to put stuff @ left, right and below
    + it looks natural: perfect for outside
    - corten has a rough surface, so grease will be almost impossible to remove
    - outward flaring + steel makes unit top-heavy and heavy don't drink and cook here
    - no sure if removing ash would be simple.


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