31 August 2009

Open and Shut Case

Swivel open the top of the Degree sink, and voila, instant counter space. Swing the lid closed, and no one's the wiser about your unmentionables soaking in the now-concealed sink. It's available in a palette of zingy colors, too. bmood.it


  1. What an interesting (and odd) product line. You have a remarkable knack. I'm not so sure about the unmentionables — women do have their mysteries — but most of us would probably benefit from an artful palette upgrade. I'm wondering, however, if shelves and sinks might not be happier coexisting than coalescing. I felt the same uneasiness about the toilet sink, but decided to let it pass. Shelves for all but the most barren or determined souls have an irresistible tendency to gather and to collect. There must be a corollary to Parkinson's Law somewhere that says shelves expand to clog the available sink. Of course, I might just be confusing this with Master Po's advice to young Grasshopper: The more something is a shelf, the less it is a sink.

  2. In a full bath—where there's some room for shelves or closed cabinets—I would emphatically agree with your well-put point, Evan. The Degree unit, I think, would be happier in a powder room.


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