26 August 2009

Talking Shop

John Troxell, Director of Design for Wood-Mode Fine Custom Cabinetry, recently answered a few questions for 'Talking Shop', a new feature at KBCULTURE.

As a designer, my greatest responsibility is...
To fulfill the client's needs and wants to the best of my ability using creative solutions to provide a positive, enhanced living experience. This applies to both the functional aspects of the design and the aesthetic details, as well.

One of my creative touchstones is...
I don't know that there's just one, but a whole range of them. I tend to soak up images and ideas from all of the places I've visited in person; then there's material from magazines and books, and museums and works of art—and even nature. It's more a sense of the trends I see around me as well as the relevant historical background.

A current project I'm exploring is...
Actually, I'm focusing on fine-tuning the materials and details on a series of design-concept rooms.

If I had a week off from the studio, I would...
That's hard for me to say. I suppose I would like to explore some new places, or read, or engage in some 'creative play.' Or maybe just kick back and do nothing.

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