06 May 2010

Cream of the Crop

The results are in! You can see the winners of the 2010 KBCULTURE Awards right here, and read about the judging process.


  1. A wonderful feature. I found myself liking the runners up best in most cases, except in the toilets department where there were none. (It's a really nice toilet.) Not sure what that means. I've been giving some thought to what might be worse than tepid Pouilly-Fumé. A few things, maybe. But, your reasons are all on the money. Really insightful. And the top two faucets are lefty-righty. We're making progress. Great job.

  2. Thank you, Evan Jones. I was genuinely impressed with both the quality and quantity of the entrants, which, as a K/B geek, made assessing them all the more enjoyable.

    Obviously, we don't have the facilities to physically install and evaluate the products. But we do have the faculties to do so.

    On to 2011!


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