20 May 2010

Flag Burner

While not the icon of Englishness that is the Aga [although it's manufactured by the same company], this range nonetheless expresses its allegiance boldly. A cheery respite from stainless steel, it is.

May is a big culinary month for the Brits, by the way. They are celebrating not only British Sandwich Week, but National Bread Week, National Vegetarian Week and National BBQ Week. A big huzzah for all. falconappliances.co.uk


  1. For when you're cooking for Roger Daltrey! LOVE it!!!

  2. Once again, the Title of the Week Award — and it's only Thursday — goes to Leslie Clagett. For some reason the LinkWithin gadget thinks "Love is Strange" compliments this post. That was the one featuring the floor to ceiling pink shag carpeted bathroom of… On second thought, maybe it does. Also, this may be nothing more than premature aging on my part, but the plain vanilla cream colored model of this range is my absolute favorite, followed by China blue. I'm surprised there's no fish and chips frier with newspaper stack option, but — tough love — I guess you can't have everything.

  3. @Andrea: I'm sure Roger would be delighted by such a Happy [Union] Jack experience. Thanks for your note.

    @Evan Jones: I humbly accept this recognition on behalf of...well, to be truly humble, it would be just me.
    Re the fish-and-chips option: Perhaps it's on the metaphorical back burner, in deference to Sandwich Week.
    Your comments are always appreciated.


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