Growing up, I remember having to rake the shag carpeting in our living room. It was a thankless task, not because my parents were unappreciative, but because after a while, the fibers just lost their resiliency, and couldn't stand upright. In time, the carpeting also started to thin out due to wear, and it looked very, very sad indeed. But even in its dilapidated state, I still had to rake the carpet.

This carpet goes by the name Galore [how 1960s!]. Notice how that rhymes with 'deplore' and 'abhor', two words that reflect my feelings about floorcoverings in the kitchen in general.

P.S. Let's give the Chemex coffee maker on the counter a little recognition. It was invented in 1941 by Dr. Peter J. Schlumbohm [1896-1962], who was a chemist by training. He tinkered with the design of a Erlenmeyer flask—the classic conical laboratory vessel—and came up with this nifty device.