20 August 2010

Think of the Fingerprints!

So for better or worse, it turns out that not every appliance in the early 60s was pink. This 1961 view of the kitchen reverses the picture, with its rose-colored cabinets and stainless cooktop, counters, ovens and hood—and let's not forget the oddly prominent cookware. It seems to me that the upper wall oven poses any number of problems; the slot-like window prime among them. KBCULTURE welcomes any insight you wise readers can offer into this design mystery.


  1. Of course the cookware is prominent -- it's stainless! I posit that the ad composers were trying to draw a parallel between stainless cookware (which the buyers were probably familiar) and stainless appliances (which they might not be).

  2. Match your kitchen to your cookware...works for me.
    Thank you for your comments, Anonymous.


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