06 December 2010

On Solid Footing

Except for the occasional functional feature, like bonus storage drawers, the toekick largely remains unexplored design territory in the kitchen; it's usually relegated to playing a supporting role [you saw that one coming, didn't you?] to flashier elements in the room. That's why this treatment—the island sitting up boldly on a broad wooden plinth—is so terrific. It flaunts convention [to fabulous effect, in my view] while posing no underfoot consequence to the cook. mowlemandco.co.uk


  1. Love that island! I've been leaning toward a bigger island to use in lieu of a kitchen table after reading this post (http://www.kitchenimproved.com/index.php/kitchen-remodel-options-kitchen-island/) Still deciding. :)

  2. The way the base of this island turns upward and becomes the dining 'table' is an interesting move, too.

    Good luck with your decision-making, Rock Junkie. And thanks for reading.


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