08 July 2011

In Hot Water

It isn't hard to imagine the reaction a plumber had when faced with installing this odd appliance—hooking up a water line to a range, of all things. In 1969, the interest in dehydrated and freeze-dried convenience foods was at a zenith, thanks in part to a fascination with what the Apollo astronauts were eating—call it the Tang Effect. I can see a connection between this stove-top spout and the wall- and deck-mounted pot fillers found in today's kitchens; it is handy to have running water near the range, just not emanating from it.


  1. I definitely agree that it is quite an odd appliance. I have never seen something like that before.

    1. It's endlessly entertaining to see some of these old appliances with their once-cool, now-crazy features, isn't it, Plumbing Supplies?
      Thanks for reading.


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