29 November 2011

Blues Power

To counter today's dark and drizzly skies, I flipped through [and, as always, over] the current catalogue from Dominic Crinson. A visionary patternist and a relentless colorist, he produces wallpaper and tiles that some may consider optically overwhelming, but I find quite soothing. This collection of ceramic squares is called Blue Glitz. crinson.com


  1. Your blue selection is particularly nice. I wish the navigation on the website was a little more straight forward, actually, a lot more straight forward. The work is really fascinating and unique.

  2. Mr. Crinson himself can be a bit evasive; perhaps that trait is reflected in the design of the website? Doubtful, but you never know.

    I do agree with you about the blues, Scott, and am glad you enjoy the work. Thanks for your comments.


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