A Perfect Game

I'm intrigued by the motley collective countenance of these guys. Does it conceal their inner teddy-bear tendencies, or does it convey an aggressive, don't-mess-with-my-mom attitude? To get the backstory upon which this tale of maternal instinct turns, click the picture to enlarge it.

The underwear, in fact, might be the least of Mom's washday woes; my rough tally for a typical league night includes seven bowling shirts, seven tee-shirts, seven dress shirts, 18 socks* and, of course, the seven sets of skivvies.

Which begs the question: Boxers or briefs? Only Minna knows, and she, like all good mothers, is keeping her family's secrets—dirty laundry in the most literal sense—to herself.

KBCULTURE sends Mrs. Kalikak and moms everywhere sincere wishes for a washing/cooking/cleaning-free Mother's Day.

* Includes two lucky pair