05 September 2012


When it's draped in a dishtowel, the kitchen faucet might be mistaken for a maquette of a Christo installation. Nothing wrong with that, you might say, but when such an accidental artwork conceals a handsome fitting, something has to be done. I like how this deck-mounted hook solves the problem of where to hang a drippy towel without compromising on style or function. And it's an intelligent switch-out for an old air gap. brizo.com


  1. Hate the hooks. ALways put my drippys between the sinks. Read somewhere that the guy who invented it was some designer who got mad that his mom kept hanging hers on the faucet he designed. Sounds plausible.

  2. Can you tell us why the hook doesn't work for you, Anonymous? Awkward positioning, too small, incompatible with contemporary sink-area design?