22 February 2010

Design In Sight

While many decisions—on matters material, procedural, proportional and more—go into the making of a successful design, there are instances when a single element comprises the make-or-break factor of a space. In this bathroom, a window placed over the tub is the key to its appeal, acting as source of light as well as a compositional linchpin. johnclagettarchitect


  1. the light in the photo is very cool; is the project located in the northern US or Europe?

  2. I'm not sure if you mean cool in color or cool as in modish, Anonymous. In any case, this is located in sunny Los Angeles.

    Thanks for reading.

  3. Like the bathroom! And in this case, window works and you are so right a single design element can be a defining detail that makes "it" work! Although one of my personal gripes is the continued reliance on windows over the tubs...why I ask?? makes it tough to "dress" it, no one really looks out it when bathing because well, they are bathing! And you really need natural light by the vanities so you can see your face!! Agggrh. But, here, works so well.


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