10 February 2010

Smooth Operator

I had originally selected this sink for inclusion in our Valentine-themed feature based on its sensuous contours and its built-for-two design. It could certainly make for a compelling rendezvous spot for morning ablutions.

But now it has assumed another significance: It looks like snow. We're halfway through a storm that will undoubtedly be given an overblown nickname by breathless local broadcasters and after two bouts of shoveling, I'm not so sure I like this sink as much as I did yesterday. Maybe it's just a sink-lover's spat? kanera.de


  1. It looks like the soldiers have gone missing and all the topo lines have washed away. Brandy. Brandy warms the heart and makes the snow melt sooner. So I'm told. It almost worked for Napoleon.

  2. Excellent advice, Evan Jones.


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