11 February 2010

Hot and [Not] Steamy

Designed by Robert Brunner [an alumnus of Pentagram and Apple], this glass-sheathed range hood turns up the visual heat in the kitchen with its lithe lines and look-at-me color. zephyronline.com


  1. This really speaks to the minimalist in me. It's hard to tell, but in reading Zephyr's description of the hood, the angular white patch seems to be a reflection rather than a design element. They do, however, etch subtle patterns into the glass surface — there are two choices — to warm things up a bit. I love it. I'd have it in a heartbeat.

  2. Yes, that is a reflection in the photo.

    I've seen these hoods close up and personally prefer the unadorned version. There's something perfect about the plain polished glass.

    Thank you for your comments, Evan Jones.


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