28 June 2010

Small, Dark & Handsome

When I first saw this photo, I noticed how the hand-formed tiles bring a welcome texture into this mostly-monochrome kitchen. But then, an incidental observation took precedence: I'm really impressed with how effectively this design disproves any notion that the range must be a statement-making behemoth in order to make an impact in the room. Small is beautiful, indeed.


  1. Lovely tiles... they almost look like waxed slate...They add just the right textural contrast to the slick stove top.... And the color is so rich and mellow...love it!

  2. Thanks for writing, Ingrid Leess!

    You might like the Handmold collection produced by an Ohio company called Seneca Tiles. The range of colors and different glaze treatments are managed with care, unlike some tile manufacturers which offer unedited rainbows of product.

    Your comments are appreciated.


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