09 June 2010

Visible Difference

Rather than skirt the issue [forgive me—I couldn't resist] and either abstract or embellish the humble commode, the designer of the Outline chose to expose its inner structure. Acid green glazing helps avoid the trap [sorry again] of the bland bowl. altheaceramica.it


  1. Anonymous01 July, 2010

    have people evolved to have square asses or have their asses just gotten so huge and flabby that they will conform to any shape? I've noticed allot of square designed toilets lately so i was thinking there might a connection? BTW they are not comfy for us folks with the non square asses.

  2. In my experience, Anonymous, it's the contours of the toilet seat [not to be confused with the outside lid, which in the Outline's case is quite rectangular] that determines the comfort factor. So regardless of the shape of the rim, the concave seat is designed to accommodate all anatomies.

    Should you be interested, there is a manufacturer which specializes in plus-sized seats: BigJohnToiletSeat.com

    Thank you for your comments.

  3. Good information...keep it flowing.



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