21 June 2010

Transcendent Tub

Making a clean break from tepid retro styles and soulless contemporary designs, this handsome tub seems poised to bridge the divide between traditional and modern tastes. [As a shower person, I can rightfully claim editorial impartiality on the matter.] All it would take to sway the look to one camp or the other is a decisive choice of tub filler. albionbathco.com


  1. Neat find, Leslie. As a 'shower person' too I always envisioned my bathroom with a McShower. Interestingly enough, I might actually use a tub like that.

    Thanks for sharing!

  2. There is something about the design—I'm thinking its compactness, maybe—that appeals to the shower-partial population.

    Thanks for writing, Nick@Cupboards, and welcome to KBCULTURE.


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