06 October 2010

Now You See It

For a long time there's been chatter in appliance circles about refrigerators that automatically compile shopping lists by scanning bar codes on food packages. As far as I'm aware, this remains an idea ahead of its time. Until it's realized, I'm content continuing the no-tech approach of just looking inside the icebox before heading off to the grocery store.

A feature of the new Ice2O model enhances even that simple process: The bottom shelf of the main compartment of the French-door-style fridge is transparent, providing a clear view into the cooling drawer below. Being able to check the contents of your refrigerator without opening all its doors—that's both convenient and clever. maytag.com


  1. But what happens when the bottom shelf is filled with food? (Though I guess you could argue that then you wouldn't need to go shopping....)

  2. Thanks for writing, Anonymous. Your point—and then your counterpoint—are well taken.

    I have seen some fridges so packed with food that only x-ray vision would be helpful in assessing the victuals status. And certainly the spare provisions seen in this photo don't reflect an average household. Nonetheless I would venture that selectively shuffling some view-obscuring items around would alleviate any 'blind spots'.

    Your comments are appreciated.


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