19 November 2010

Paging Mr. Peabody

When will NASA or Apple or Google or some other tech titan finally release the Wayback Machine for the masses? I ask because sometime before Thanksgiving I would like to return to 1961 so I can avail myself of this ahead-of-its-time range. Its double ovens with side-swinging doors and quartet of in-line burners promised to make preparing the feast 'fast, cool and clean'—that's fine with me any day.

Speaking of 'fast', our hostess better keep an eye on those gents in the adjoining room...


  1. I've seen a couple like that, and I wouldn't have'em on a bet. THe side-swinging doors generally come too close to the cooktop to put anything larger than a saucepan on it.

  2. Excellent point, Anonymous. If it's not feasible to simmer vats of post-Thanksgiving turkey soup, I'll have to pass on my trip to the past.

    Thank you for reading and writing.


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