23 June 2011

Exposed Plumbing, Indeed

From the ever-busy minds at Emme Group comes this sink-and-shower combo, aptly dubbed the Totem. Described by its creators as 'a high design cult object' [I wouldn't contradict that statement], the tower, with its droid-like demeanor, might find an enthusiastic audience among fans of Gort, Optimus Prime and HAL9000. emmegroupdesign.com


  1. I love the design. I think it's to have the shower and the sink all together.

    1. Glad you like this, Plumbing. I think it would be quite possible to adapt the concept for less contemporary tastes, and fit out the supply column with traditional fixtures and fittings, too.
      Thanks for reading.

  2. Hi Leslie, I think this two-in-one plumbing works system is really great for an outdoor shower facility. If you have a verandah, then this is the perfect waterworks for it. It does not take up too much space and the design is unique and modern too which could really complement any setup really well. I hope to see a 3-in-1 system in the future where a toilet would be part of the setup. Now, that would be a real breakthrough of a modern technology for all households alike.

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