Rethinking the Sink

This 1928 'efficiency center' [I see Kohler made a herculean effort to avoid the word 'sink'] is an uncontested step-saver in the kitchen, with a dishwasher on the right, a laundry/utility tub on the left, and the main basin in the middle. But for the sake of the homeowner's sanity, I hope the view out the window is engrossing, as this set-up guarantees she'll be spending a lot of time standing in one spot.

The dishwasher-in-a-sink is a concept that comes and goes over time; GE released one after WW2, and I remember a model from the 1990s.

The gaggle of taps and spigots is most impressive. The underside of the efficiency center, though, not so much—perhaps a fabric skirt could conceal the storage bins and plumbing.