20 June 2012

A Cultivated Look

Hovering about in the vegetable garden, anxiously watching the broccoli, I'm seeing a lot of green and brown interaction. This detail, from the Newlyn kitchen by Mark Wilkinson, takes a rich variant of that organic color combo and applies it to churning patterns of wood grain and granite veining. Pairing walnut cabinets—accented with what Wilkinson calls a 'flashline' of polished nickel—with Sequoia Brown [brown?!?] stone is a sign of a fertile imagination, indeed. mwf.com


  1. Wow. The granite (sure it's not marble?) on it's own is not to my liking ... but this combination is stunning. Nice find.

    1. Mark Wilkinson assures me it's granite, Arne—and I share your surprise at that. Nature constantly amazes, yes? ¶ I think running the stone with the veining perpendicular to the wall [rather than parallel to it] also adds to the visual impact of this design. ¶ Thank you very much for reading and writing!