22 August 2012

Rethink the Sink

It's not just the irregular shapes of the tiles that earn this kitchen sink a spot in our dog-day celebration. It's also that they extend down the interior walls of the basin, in an unconventional convergence of materials that I find most appealing. Should you be curious about the handles for the faucet: Industrial in style, they're mounted on the front side of the island. In a clever touch, the 'hot' one is painted red. minacciolo.it


  1. Very cool sink, it is always good to see something different in design for an object we have become so used to seeing unchanged.

    1. How right you are, Edwin!

      A few years back, Corian produced a sharp-looking sink that had a stainless steel bottom and walls of [surprise] Corian; it was called the 'Mixa'. Long discontinued, you can still find one on ebay every now and then.

      Thank you for reading and taking time to write a comment.

    2. Hey Leslie, I just looked that sink up. Definitely cool, but expensive on eBay. I suppose that's what happens when something goes out of stock. Keep up the great blog posts :)

    3. A collectible sink...there's a concept! I must do some research into sink museums.

      I appreciate your kind words, Edwin.