White [Goods] Out

While my French could charitably be described as rusty, I shall attempt to paraphrase my frosty friend from 1960 to reflect what's currently transpiring outside: La neige est là. It's plenty froid, too, but the storm we've named Nemo is all about snow; forecasts are calling for accumulations in the neighborhood of 18 inches. Quel horreur, I say. Nobody, of course, will make book on the possibility of the power going out, but if past experience is any teacher, I'd say it's a 50/50 chance.

If you would like to vicariously experience the blizzard from a singular perspective, here's a link to a map that's charting the progress of snow plows as they attempt to clear the streets of New York City. For my part, a cup of hot tea is in order. Hope to see you again—weather permitting—on Monday.