06 February 2013

Wow. I Repeat: Wow

As a rule, I avoid repeating post categories in the course of a week. And I have an aversion to bad illustrations that verges on—more honestly, transcends—the obsessive. But the new Airblade faucet from fan and vacuum guru James Dyson is so whiz-bang innovative that I am casting aside both these editorial principles. In a nutshell, it's a touchless, sensor-operated tap with an integral hand-dryer. You wash your hands under the central spout, then move them under the side 'wings' where they are dried by HEPA-filtered air blowing at 420 miles per hour. It's available in deck- and wall-mount models. dyson.com


  1. I've found that I ratehr dislike the airblade-style dryers. Yes, the get most of yuor hands dry. But they fail utterly at getting the sides of the fingers dry.

    1. Your point is well, taken, Anonymous, with regard to the wall-mounted Airblades; there's not enough room in the unit to turn your hands around. Maybe the faucet-style will be more forgiving in that respect?

      Thank you for sharing your observations with us.