17 December 2013

On/Off the Wall

There's no telling how Arne Jacobsen, designer of the iconic HV1 faucet, would react to this audacious installation of the fitting, but I love it. The ordinarily deck-mounted model has made the leap to the wall, and the spout is reversed so the water streams well into the sink. Danish artist Tenka Gammelgaard has a passion for dramatic black and white and a flair for the unorthodox; this is a detail from her home. vola.com

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  1. yes, Jacobsen's faucet is small masterpiece, but the design of the tile the faucet sits on is also remarkable. there are just two tile-modules. both are straightforward: the first, a square with two opposing edges clipped, and the second, an isosceles right triangle.
    But these two, right angular tiles create a visual slight of hand. the pattern the tile-modules create appears as a field of oblique, overlapping, six-pointed stars.


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