09 December 2009

Bon Mot

An oldie but a goodie: Pun tiles. Available in a limited vocabulary—mostly bathroom-oriented nouns, adjectives and a few selective verbs—these tiles can either surprise or assure the visitor, depending on their architectural context. ascot.it


  1. You're right about the limited vocabulary. I came up with this here is the toilet, something a distant cousin once told me in Tennessee, please wash this towel, some­thing I've wanted to say more times than I can count and this bidet is the hot tub. After a few drinks, I'm sure that would be very funny. I was desperate to buy a vowel, or maybe an entire adverb. Among the many things that flashed through my mind for Pun² were ceci n'est pas une pipe placed artfully under the sink, the ever popular clean restrooms and take my wife tile please.

  2. Hee!! Thanks for the chuckle, evanjones.


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